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09/29/2020 13:17:49

The coffee's in the cup

The toast is popping up

The cream & sugar are over there

Pull up a chair 

Thanks for visiting Bobby's Kitchen:)

Happy Tasty Tuesday:)

09/29/2020 08:31:07

09/28/2020 07:42:54

Strawberries-335bte photo Strawberries.jpg
Berries/Rooster-650bt photo Berries Rooster.jpg
FruitCup-335bt photo Fresh fruit cup 335bt.jpg
 photo Fruit Tray 625bbt.jpg
BelgianWaffle-500bbte photo Belgian Waffle 500bbte.jpg
WafflesFruit-276bt photo waffles fruit 276bt.jpg
Brunch-340bt photo Brunch 340bt.jpg
Hotcakes/Strawberries-349bbt photo Hotcakes Strawberries 349bbt.jpg
ScrambledEggs-340bte photo Scrambled Eggs 340bte.jpg
ScrambledEggsPancakes-350bte photo Scrambled eggs Pancakes 350bte.jpg
Broccoli-CheeseOmelet-305bt photo broccoli cheddar omelet 305bt.jpg
4-1_500x334bt photo 4-1 500x334bt.jpg
BreakfastBake-500bbt photo breakfast-bake 500bbt_1.jpg
Breakfast-366bbt photo Breakfast 366bbt.jpg
Breakfast-381bt photo Breakfast.jpg
Crepes/Fruit 383bbt photo image_190.jpeg
BearClawFruit-295bte photo Bear Claw Fruit 295bte.jpg
Danish-341bt photo Lemon Berry Cheese Danish 341bt.jpg
FrenchCrullers-319bbt photo French Crullers 319bt.jpg
DonutsPlus-594bt photo Donuts plus 594bt.jpg
2AppleStrudels-535bbt photo 2 Apple Strudels 535bbt.jpg
PlumKuchen-350bbtx photo Plum Kuchen 350bbt.jpg
Coffee/Tea 266bbt photo image_55.jpeg

09/27/2020 21:13:17

It's not just some song,
It has no language, no sound or sight.
A romantic burns true love
Melts it down until it's unknown,
A blinded lover can write beauty on paper,
Marked in ink is a story about your looks,
Your hair, your eyes, your sweetening smile,
How everything falls into place,
How the light becomes lighter with you in mind,
When the world darkens and your face shines..Love & Hugs~Richard

The Last Kiss


09/27/2020 19:56:25

!Have a great new week~Our weather went back into 90s....Hugs Lorribelle54

09/27/2020 13:56:19

“It's Sunday!

Share this with someone you love ❤️

Made for Sunday dreamers, schemers

and lovers.

Walk With Me :)

NOBODY did it like Etta James❤️

If you would like to hear "A Sunday Kind Of Love"

by the Jersey Boys ...stop on by!


09/27/2020 11:36:30

Grilled Pork Chops

09/26/2020 22:58:37

~Enjoy your Sunday~Still warm here~Looking forward to cooler.weather...Hugs Lorribelle54

09/26/2020 09:13:09

09/25/2020 19:43:20

Have a great weekend~Hugs Lorribelle54

09/25/2020 09:12:47

09/24/2020 20:29:18

Have a nice evening~Hugs Lorribelle54

09/24/2020 13:26:53

Things That Make You Go


Did it bother anyone else that the guy

from the 'Operation" game is clearly wide awake?

What do you think ?

does it make you go


Your Turn 

Happy Throwback Thursday

  ~ Smiles ~

09/24/2020 09:48:54

09/23/2020 23:15:48

Thank you~Hugs Lorribelle54

09/22/2020 11:34:50

09/21/2020 18:32:18

hi, my sweet friend,,, Image

09/20/2020 10:54:34

09/20/2020 07:54:09

SundayBrunch-265btex photo sundaybrunch 265btx.jpg
Breakfast Croissants 355bbt photo Breakfast Croissants 355bbt.jpg
Breakfast_Buffet-500bt photo breakfast_buffet 500bt.jpg
Breakfast Buffet 346bt photo IMG_0464.jpg
BreakfastBuffet-340bt photo Breakfast Buffet 340.jpg
BreakfastBrunch-380bt photo Breakfast-Brunch 380bt.jpg
PuffPancakes-325bte photo Puff Pancakes Berries 325bte.jpg
Crepes/Berries-335bte photo Crepes-Berries  335bte.jpg
BiscuitsGravy-344bt photo Biscuits Sausage Gravy 344bt.jpg
EggsBenedict-345bt photo Deviled Eggs Benedict 345bt.jpg
MiniQuiches-390bte photo Mini Quiches 390bte.jpg
Chicken/Waffles-490bt photo Chicken-Waffles 490bt.jpg
Waffle Bites 342bt photo IMG_9140.jpg
FruitSkewers340bt photo fruit-skewers 340bt.jpg
Breakfast Rolls 291bt photo image_193.jpeg
Danish-350bbt photo Danish 350bbt.jpg
DonutsPlus-594bt photo Donuts plus 594bt.jpg
SweetsBuffet-371bt photo Sweets buffet 371bt.jpg
CroissantsCoffee-333bt photo Croissants Coffee 333bt.jpg
Sticky Buns 342bt photo Sticky Buns 341bt.jpg
Brunch - 500 x 402 photo image-20_1.jpg

09/19/2020 23:20:49

~Enjoy your Sunday~Hugs Lorribelle54

09/19/2020 11:03:02

Mornin', from New England.
Come back later, for a Seafood Boil

Beach/Morning 383bt photo image_24.jpeg
Orange Juice 261bt photo image_128.jpeg
Camp Breakfast 338gif photo image.gif

~ Campfire Breakfast ~

Skillet Breakfast 500bt photo image_183.jpeg
Cheddar Biscuits 382bt photo image_122.jpeg

Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Bagels/Fruit 500bbt photo image_156.jpeg
Cinnamon Coffeecake 500bt photo image_416.jpeg

Cinnamon Coffeecake

Tin Cup 375.gif photo image.gif

Saved a place for you at my table.
Enjoy a Happy Birthday Weekend

09/18/2020 19:56:21

Wishing you a safe and peaceful weekend~Hugs~ Lorribelle54

09/18/2020 18:12:28

09/18/2020 12:46:09

09/18/2020 07:36:59
Sp. 500x642bt photo image_9_1.jpeg
Orange Juice photo imagejpg1-1301.jpg
Desayuno 342bb photo image.jpg1_97.jpg
Desayuno 346bb photo image.jpg2_2.jpg
Breakfast 333pf photo image.jpg1_120.jpg
Its Bacon 395txtbb photo image.jpg2_6.jpg
500x404: Breakfast photo imagejpg1-185.jpg
Desayuno 325bb photo image.jpg1_117.jpg
Breakfast Buffet: 335 photo imagejpg2-92.jpg
Breakfast/booze 411bb photo image.jpg1_115.jpg
Spanish Coffee 280pf photo image.jpg1_17_1.jpg

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