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10/26/2020 06:25:56

Have a safe and happy day! 

~ Blessings ~

10/26/2020 06:13:27

Boldog új hetet !! kedves barátom !! megöleli Vannát

10/26/2020 00:07:50

Happy Monday Have A Blessed Week | Monday morning quotes, Blessed week,  Have a blessed week

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Foto animada | Flowers gif, Good morning flowers rose, Good morning flowers

10/25/2020 23:32:08

If you hear of any place let me know, I can still alter my schedule

10/25/2020 21:41:47

“The happiest people don’t have the best of everything,

they just make the best of everything they have.”

~ Unknown ~

10/25/2020 21:08:21


10/25/2020 20:56:07

Nite Nite !!

Neverending Story


Escape of the Doll


Teddy bear 2


Sweet Dreams Precious one. xoxo 

10/25/2020 19:04:48

~ Blessings ~

10/25/2020 18:00:42

 La matinée était magnifique ce jour-là le soleil qui commençait à peine à se détacher de l'horizon envoyait ses rayons obliques à travers les rideaux de pins, de cyprès et de magnolias bordant la routet the morning was beautiful today, the sun was just beginning to come off the horizon was sending its rays slanting through the curtains of pine, cypress and magnolia trees lining the road. Les oiseaux, réjouis par la promesse d'une belle journée, s'abattaient follement dans les branches et saluaient le réveil de l'aurore de leurs plus douces chansons the birds rejoice in the promise of a great day, fell madly in branches and greeted the awakening of the dawn of their sweetest songs.

Quelques-uns se baignaient dans la rosée dont la plaine était inondée, et, secouant l'herbe qui la soutenait, faisaient sautiller autour d'eux des milliers de diamants. Some were bathing in the dew which the plain was flooded, and shaking the grass that supported it, were bouncing around them thousands of diamonds. Un charme indescriptible planait dans l'atmosphère; la nature fraîche, coquette, semblait sortir d'un bain embaumé; la brise, venant de la forêt, toute chargée de fraîcheur, apportait par rafales l'odeur des fleurs du magnolia, du plantain et des fleurs sauvages. Indescribable charm hovering in the atmosphere, the nature fresh, pretty, seemed to leave a fragrant bath, the breeze coming from the forest, laden with fresh, brought in gusts the scent of magnolia flowers, plantain and wildflowers.

C'était un de ces moments délicieux où le cœur s'épanouit comme une belle fleur, un de ces moments où l'on est heureux de vivre, où l'on entend au fond de soi une voix mystérieuse qui chante l'amour et l'espérance. Was one of those delicious moments when the heart opens up like a beautiful flower, one of those moments where one is happy to live, where we hear deep within a mysterious voice sings of love and hope ...


10/25/2020 14:54:03

hello, step to wish you, a beautiful,

Sunday, special, take care of yourself

joy rejuvenates,sadness ages, kisses,maria

hola paso a desearte una hermos0

Domingo especial cuidate

la alegría rejuvenece, la tristeza envejece, los besos, maria

10/25/2020 13:23:56



10/25/2020 13:02:46

10/25/2020 12:31:23

See the source image

       See the source image

Cheers xoxo :)

10/25/2020 12:23:31

Happy Sunday. Just be happy you got aren’t here, Snowing and 10 degrees but feels like -6. Now I need coffee, HOTCOFFEE.

10/25/2020 07:59:47

Hi Babes Smile!!! It Looks Like I'm Going To Miss Haloween This Year But Will Be There With You In Spirit ...Back On The Road Tonite Just For A Week So Will See You Then...

It Poured With Rain Earlier On But Now The Sun Is Showing Off In A Somewhat Blue Sky I  Wonder How Long That Will Last  Heading To The Gym Now For A Couple Of Hours  Then The Jolly Sailor For Lunch Still Got A Few Bits And Bobs To Finish Before I Head Out So I Wish You A Very Special Halloween Have Lots Of Goodies Be Happy And Take Care See You Soon 



10/25/2020 07:26:12

10/24/2020 23:47:59

Happy sunday - PicMix

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10/24/2020 22:11:58





10/24/2020 21:37:42


10/24/2020 21:04:57

Je n'ai pas la voix pour chanter... I do not have the voice to sing ...ni les pieds doués pour danser gifted and feet to dance, mais j'ai un coeur pour m'ouvrir but I have a heart for me to open. et un clavier pour écrire... and a keyboard to write ... quand je dépose mes mots when I place my words, que j'ai ou non le coeur gros... whether or not I have a heavy heart ... mon esprit sans retenu s'évade my mind escapes without retained. pour venir ici to come here and be with you et vous déposer ce message and you deposit this message et toute mon amitié and all my love pour vous souhaite une bonne journée, to wish you a good day, bon vendredi gros bisous good Saturday gros bisous ..


10/24/2020 15:07:16

hello, happy, new, weekend, I wish you

the best, have fun take care,


who put their heart in each of their actions,

who give you everything for nothing, people,

 who put their heart in  each of their actions, who give 

you everything  for nothing, people who 

caress your soul and enrich your life.maria

hola feliz fin de semana nuevo te deseo lo mejor diviértete cuidate

Amo a las PERSONAS POSITIVAS, OPTIMISTAS, SIMPLES, que ponen su corazón en cada una de sus acciones, que te dan todo por nada, que acarician tu alma y enriquecen tu vida.BESOS,MARIA

10/24/2020 13:48:21

I put a Spell on you & Now your MINE :)





10/24/2020 13:23:57

Hugs and I might share.

10/24/2020 13:07:37








Hope you are able to enjoy the autumn colors where you are this Saturday. Jazzsinger

10/24/2020 13:01:27

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