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12/01/2022 20:06:01

12/01/2022 19:46:56

Happy First Day of December" Sweet one!

11/30/2022 22:44:09

11/30/2022 14:54:27

Stop holding on to the past.
Release your regrets about
whatever you may have done
or failed to do that turned out poorly.
Forgive others for whatever
they may have done
or failed to do that
cause you harm.
Declare today to be
a new beginning.
Let go of the past and
move on with creating
a joyful new future for yourself.

Have a Beautiful and
Safe Time,
my sweet friend......
with love, Nancy .

11/29/2022 17:58:14

11/29/2022 17:24:42

11/29/2022 17:15:29

11/28/2022 14:44:42

I forgive,
but I also learn a lesson...
I won't hate you,
but I'll never get close enough
for you to hurt me again.
I can't let my forgiveness
become foolishness....

Have a Beautiful
and Gorgeous Day,
With you love ones
my sweetheart....

11/26/2022 13:09:11

Happy Caturday to you!

11/26/2022 12:41:40

Just here! Trying to Enjoy this Cold and Raining Weekend...Much Love your way

11/26/2022 12:16:14

11/25/2022 22:45:15

Online friends are people
we may never meet....
We see pictures, we see cams...
It isn't the same....We grow close...
We care and love one another....
One day we may not hear
from one another....
Our hearts will break...
All we see is a name
on messenger, but the person
we don't see anymore..
We pray..."Please come back"....
All I ask is you remember
me in the good times we had...
Keep me close to your heart..

Have a Beautiful
and Safe Weekend,
my sweethearts... Nancy

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11/24/2022 18:20:04








11/24/2022 18:16:59

I am supposed to be watchingfootball. Being a Cowboy fanis one of the hardest things on earth. My brotherloves the Giants. I’m going to be getting textsall day from randomswishing for the Cowboysdownfall. I’m watchingWednesdaybecause: of course I am. Have you seen my dark soullol? I’m kidding, I don’t have a soul. Too much “Wednesday”lol, I’m here all-day folks. I am not here all day; I’m havingan unconventional meal of my guests liking and I am not hungry whatsoever (tasting as I cooked killed it). I actually want to work out. I AM enjoying what I am grateful for, so I had to drop in with vaults to let you know how grateful I am for YOU, my friends. For my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving! 

























11/24/2022 10:49:33

Don't forget to Enjoy all the Creamy Pies today!!!!!!

11/24/2022 10:39:52

Wishing you and your Family  a Happy Thanksgiving!...Much Love from me to you ! xo :)

11/24/2022 10:21:18

11/23/2022 10:04:10

11/22/2022 20:13:31



















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11/20/2022 18:24:43
















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