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01/29/2023 09:42:49

01/28/2023 18:22:33

evening did nothing today.,

had a dish of ice cream  for dinner and 24 oz of water

hope you had a good day and a great weekend

01/28/2023 10:44:24

01/28/2023 10:33:41


01/28/2023 08:23:36

01/27/2023 16:02:43

Sorry no comments yesterday., was tired

hope your having a great day today  and ready for the weekend.

Me just went for coffee and only stay awhile with the ladies  then came home  still tired. just had some cereal for lunch., no dinner...   see you in the morning  am sure i'll be going to bed soon., if my son doesn't drop by.

hugs  June

01/27/2023 13:58:13

Such a disappointment
when you defend someone
for so long thinking
they are different, and
they turn out to be
just like what everyone said...

Wish You a Peaceful
and Safe Weekend,
With you love ones !
my sweethearts...

01/27/2023 09:18:20

01/26/2023 14:10:52

Common sense
is not a gift,
it is a punishment.

you have to deal
with everyone
who doesn't have it....

01/26/2023 14:04:14


01/26/2023 06:43:49


And 3 bottles of RUM

01/25/2023 18:49:42

hope you had a good day

getting heavy rain tonight into tomorrow

going to be bed early feeling so tired.

hugs june

01/25/2023 18:39:04


01/25/2023 08:00:34

01/24/2023 17:25:03

evening  was a nice day roads were clear lot of snow melted

tonight  into tomorrow another snow storm.,,

i went to costco  today and bought a new single  keuric coffee machine.  then went to dunkins for ice tea...  hope you had a better day,  see you in the morning,

01/24/2023 15:07:42

Your Apology
Needs to be
as Loud as your
Disrespect Was.....

01/24/2023 07:10:49

01/23/2023 18:01:15

Evening were having heavy snow ., waiting for my son to come by to shovel/.  cooking him dinner  so i'll eat with him. Roast sausage .,pototes peppers and onions., hot rolls., hope your having a better day  and a great night.

hugs  June

01/23/2023 09:39:04


01/23/2023 09:03:36

... More than 6 ravioli ...

01/22/2023 17:29:49

They caused the first wound,
but you are causing the rest;
this is what not forgiving does.
They got it started
but you keep it going.
Forgive and let it go,
or it will eat you alive.
You think they made
you feel this way, but
when you won’t forgive,
you are the one inflicting
the pain on yourself.....

01/22/2023 16:10:59

Stayed in today 

had 6 ravioli for dinner and water 

hope you had a great sunday and tomorrow starts a new week.

01/22/2023 10:11:10

Cookie Swap

01/21/2023 19:22:16

Evening  was a nice day.,  had slice pizza for lunch  and cheese and crackers  for dinner  and 12 oz of water,,,  hope you had a nice saturday.,,   going upstairs now see you in the morning.

01/21/2023 08:06:40

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