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05/31/2023 18:15:41

Evening  was a nice day  80's   tomorrow they say 90

hope your having a great day.,  went to bed bath and beyond  but no great bargains even though there closing., so i didn't buy anything. then for coffee.

have a good night my friend

05/31/2023 18:05:55

05/30/2023 20:14:42


05/30/2023 20:14:41


05/30/2023 17:50:33

Evening my friend., the weather today 60's  sun out

went for coffee and  aldi's., hoping i'll work on the blanket can't wait to finish it... If i say am making another slap me., others want one i keep saying  no.

hope you had a good day and a great night., hugs, june

05/29/2023 18:42:05


05/29/2023 18:39:11

Evening  hope you had a great holiday weekend.. and  a great start to a new week.  our weather was in the 60's  

almost done with the blanket  yeah will finish it tomorrow  hard on my hands.

see you tomorrow have a good night...

05/28/2023 20:47:56

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05/28/2023 19:40:14

evening., nice day  90's tomorrow they say 60's crazy weather...  my son came by after work, plus cleaned out the freezer of his food  yeah .. now he wants my extra refrgerator.. plus going to give me his bbq  wants me to buy him a larger one,,for his b'day next month  said ok but not over 1000.   oh well

hope your having a great weekend and a great night..

05/27/2023 20:10:33

Evening  was a beautiful day  70's  tomorrow they say 90's.. i started the blanket have it pinned  but need to buy ne scissors  my 4 pairs are so dull.  will go tomorrow

I.had a dish of ice cream for dinner.,

hope your having a great day and weekend  SEE YOU TOMORROW

05/26/2023 16:53:36

Evening, was a nice day  70's   men came and did the yard work.,

met a good friend for lunch  it was very nice. hope you have plans for the holiday weekend./  me just hope to make the darn blanket,

have a good night

05/25/2023 20:21:12

Evening  my friend.,  i  stayed in today., 

trying to make the blanket ., pinned it, but material not matching up., i think were it was the end of the bolt she gave me the extra and didn't tell me.,   so tomorrow i will start over  after i re-measure.,,,  hope you had a great day and a wonderful night..

05/25/2023 17:58:32


05/24/2023 18:31:45

Evening., long day  am tired going upstairs

hope tomorrow  i'll  start the blanket wish i wasn't so lazy  but have to stand on my sore foot for hours to make it.   hope you had a great day  and a wonderful night,

05/23/2023 19:45:47


05/23/2023 17:27:02

Evening  my friend/. i cooked today

weather in the 60's., went for tea  hope your having a great day. and a beautiful night.

05/22/2023 18:06:41

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05/22/2023 17:45:33

evening my friend/. foot startimg to feel better  still hurts but am dealing with it,

weather been in the 60's  today.,  hope your having a great start to this new week.. am tired going to bed once a finish the comment.,  hugs  June

05/21/2023 18:51:54

evening hope you had a great weekend,my friend

05/20/2023 18:55:47

Evening  heavy rainy day today., I did nothing today

my foot so painful and sore still can't put pressure on it have a good night.

05/19/2023 18:16:00

EVENING., was a nice day in the 60's  tomorrow heavy rain

so i'll be in making the blanket., and later some italian  cookies., went for tea met the girls  foot still hurting, hope you had a good day. happy weekend

05/18/2023 19:08:41

Evening  my friend., weather warmed up  50's today went to lunch today with my friend. then the fabric store will make a blanket for a friend this weekend.  hope you had a good day and a wonderful night. see you tomorrow.'

05/18/2023 18:07:59


05/17/2023 20:24:04


05/17/2023 19:41:45

Evening my friend hope your having a great day 

our weather today is cold 40's dropping colder tonight saying a frost.. went to aldi and then for coffee., my son came by for dinner., was going to plant the plant he gave me for mother days  but to cold to plant it..

have a good night see you tomorrow

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