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09/27/2023 17:58:59

Evening was a cool day  60's

dropped to 49 early this morning, went  to the

heart doctor said the valve should last 6 years, then they can replace it if my health is ok, been 3 years now... oh well...

hope you had a great day., see you tomorrow

09/26/2023 18:32:01

Evening windy day  finally stop raining

yeah., but better than snow,  going to be in the 60;s the next couple of day'

I stayed in today  tired maybe from all the cooking I did .

tonight i made a steak and potato.

hope you had a good day.. tomorrow i go to the heart doctors., and hope the grocery store after have a good night.

09/25/2023 19:19:09

09/25/2023 17:23:45

Evening., hope your having a good day

it's still raining here., weather is chilly

I went to Aldis and the coffee shop today..,  waiting for my son he's coming for dinner., making homemade raviolis

Have a good night see you in the morning

09/24/2023 22:26:54

09/24/2023 15:03:10

Still raining.  stayed in cooking

made italian gravy  with meatballs, and sausages for tomorrow 

plus  italian stew for today

hope your having a good day

hugs june

09/23/2023 17:08:29

Evening  awful day  winds and rain

i stayed in made ravioli's  and stuffed peppers , meatballs

will make more raviolis tomorrow  the dough wan't cooperating.  only made 100

have lost of filling left over

hope your having a good day

09/22/2023 20:33:07

Evening  was a nice day but now its getting chilly 40's

my son came for dinner so i bought dinner for both of us.

hope you had a great day., tomorrow they say heavy rains and winds.

hugs june

09/22/2023 18:19:54


09/21/2023 18:12:06
Evening can't believe we had 3 days in a row  no rain
but the weather in high 60's.,  expecting heavy rain Saturday into Sunday
today went to the bank and pharmacy ., had some homemade soup for dinner
hope your having a great day.

hugs June

09/21/2023 17:54:45


09/20/2023 16:56:04
09/20/2023 16:45:35
Evening can't believe another beautiful day
70's again  hope your having a wonderful day..
not feeling well today., so will go to bed early

have a good night.

09/19/2023 18:27:08


09/19/2023 15:30:14
Wow was a beautiful day 73's  no rain, they
say no rain tomorrow also.. went to the eye doctors and my pressure went down  so am going to wait for the implant surgery.
also went to the stop and shop  for juice., then the coffee shop.
hope your having a great day.

have a good night, hugs June

09/18/2023 18:07:03

09/18/2023 16:53:27
Evening. were having heavy rain all day
can't see 2 feet in front of you  hard driving.
hope your having a better Monday., weather in the 60's  they say rest of the week will be 70's

have a good evening hugs June

09/17/2023 19:25:56


09/17/2023 15:08:53
Happy Sunday
was a beautiful day today 70's  after the hurricane
but tomorrow back to a stormy day.,and more flooding... so went to the grocery store to buy everything to make homemade raviolis  and apple crisp
hope your having a great Sunday,

hugs June 

09/16/2023 20:54:56

bad weather  today  thank you hurricane Lee

09/15/2023 18:34:31
Were  having crazy weather due to hurricane Lee
tonight winds 40 to 50 miles per hour,heavy rain
just went to the supermarket  and coffee
hope your having a great day

hugs June

09/15/2023 18:06:39

09/14/2023 19:40:55
Evening  hope
you had a good day,
nice day here sun was out.
., I went to lunch with a friend was surprised she paid., then I went to wal-mart
and  i had a VFW. meeting tonight.  expecting hurricane Lee tomorrow night
have a good night


09/14/2023 17:58:41


09/13/2023 17:59:15


09/13/2023 17:30:34

Evening our weather is awful

so much rain, winds flooding tree's up rooted

getting dark again so more rain coming

hope we don't lose power, i went for tea

have a good night

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