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05/14/2021 04:27:49

05/14/2021 01:16:25

05/14/2021 01:06:32

Thanks, Tim.  Listen to the sounds of nature this weekend!  Hugs

05/13/2021 23:16:17
Good night and sweet dreams..xoxo love B

05/13/2021 21:58:30

Have a lovely Friday,dear Friend!


05/13/2021 19:50:34

I hope you had a good day Tim..Sure have had some beautiful weather..I am loving it..Sleep well

05/13/2021 19:33:26


05/13/2021 18:41:16

Evening, was a nice day.,  met  my girlfriend  for lunch.,  had pizza.,  then met the other ladies  for coffee.,  after i went to VFW  meeting. had popcorn  for dinner  to tired  to cook.,  after this  am  going  to bed am  so  tired,  hope you had a good day and a great  night. hugs  June

05/13/2021 17:45:58

...Hope you got all your outside work done in time and had fun with the 'dancing girls', Tim!

05/13/2021 13:20:26

Thursday love...

05/13/2021 12:46:15

Hello, friends. I have been away for over a week and I apologise for the lack of communication. First I prepared for colonoscopy and then had the procedure. Prep and procedure went well, but by the following night I was in ER with fever and severe pain. and ultimately ended up hospitalized for a week to undergo tests and make sure everything was ok. . I can only describe the experience as my bowel being traumatized and inflammed. I call it a temporary "shock". Took a while to regain motility and get the pain manageable. Caregivers, even briefly, thought I might have appendicitis. I returned home yesterday and am slowly regaining a feeling of normalcy. Slowly recovering on antibiotics, but have no appetite and remain sore. Forgive me if I missed a Birthday, anniversary or other signifigant event in your life while away from contact. Sometimes such things cannot be helped. It still may be hit and miss for a few days more. Again, my 2 sons have been a tremendous help to me and even gave me the sweetest " Mother's Day" at the hospital. They both visited me regularly and cared for me. So blessed.

05/13/2021 12:14:19

Timothy wrote:
....don't waste time 'whining' Tim...the dancing girls and pony's are waiting!!!...sun came out here and it warmed up now and just finished cleaning the bathroom...exciting, right...now I'm soooo outta here....maybe I'll even get ta dancin....wheeeee!

...today looks like a 'mixed' bag weatherwise so guess I'll just wait and see where it takes me...sometimes that could be fun! Enjoy, Tim...!


Here's hoping that fun is what you get Meme.  I'll be pondering all of the fun that you are having while I'm cutting the grass, and spreading grass seed afterwards.  My lawn is quite small though, almost half of what used to be lawn is now raised flower beds or in English Ivy so, actually, I'm just whining about the work that I have to do!  I'll probably be done in less than two hours.  And then?  Dancing girls and pony rides for Tim!!!  Yipee ki-yeah ki-yo!

05/13/2021 11:51:17

Have a relaxing day!

05/13/2021 11:20:29

05/13/2021 11:15:41

Guess I will have to Mow the Yard today ;))

05/13/2021 09:00:03

05/13/2021 08:38:49

05/13/2021 08:29:34

...today looks like a 'mixed' bag weatherwise so guess I'll just wait and see where it takes me...sometimes that could be fun! Enjoy, Tim...!

05/13/2021 08:12:48

05/13/2021 07:07:25

Have a Beautiful Sunny Warm Day my Dear Friend.
Love, Hugs & Smiles:))).

05/13/2021 05:51:19

The Environmental Impacts of Bottled Water Use
Happy Thirsty Thursday! Have a great day!-RJ

05/13/2021 05:06:01

05/12/2021 21:51:51

Have a wonderful Thursday ,dear Friend!


05/12/2021 21:19:33


05/12/2021 20:28:34

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