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04/22/2021 22:16:42

Happy Friday! Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest,  and Twitter

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04/22/2021 20:14:26


04/22/2021 20:09:44

Evening  was a cold day don't know  what happen to spring., we had light snow.. i went to lunch with my girlfriend.,had  1/2 hamburger  then after  to walgreens  to pick up med's

hope you had a great thursday and weather was better than mine.

see you tomorrow

04/22/2021 13:04:27

HAPPY EARTH DAY:::::Thank you for being my Friend..

I got a unique view of Linville Gorge during this incredible multi-pitch climb flawlessly Climb..

. Definitely one of my favorite days! (Quote by my Grand-Daughter)

So Brave,never dreamed this little girl would be doing this..I love her more than words can say,I always pray and Ask God to keep his arms around her...and by Faith I know he will...........

May you have a Blessed Earth Day,,and letting me share her in a comment to you to You..I am proud of her ..but out of my eyes it is scary..I leave her in Gods hands............

04/21/2021 20:52:54

Was a warm morning    but the weather changed  to lighting and thunderstorm heavy rain today tonight the temps  are dropping to  freezing they say.  so heats  on.  went to the doctors  and no things are not good.,  oh well...  hope you had a good day see you in the morning..

04/21/2021 20:22:59

Good morning - PicMix

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04/21/2021 19:41:24


04/20/2021 21:44:55

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04/20/2021 19:32:38


04/20/2021 18:02:46

Evening  was a beautiful  day, 70  but windy,

but tomorrow   rain  and 40's  weather is so crazy, did a few errands  then met the ladies  for  coffee.. hope you had a great day.,  see you tomorrow, later i have doctor's appointment.   hugs

04/19/2021 22:33:16

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04/19/2021 19:36:02


04/19/2021 18:40:30

Was a nice day . tomorrow they say 70 but  change again  wednesday to 50 and rain.,  just went to the bank,  and coffee with girls. had cheese and pickles for supper.  hope you had a good day to start the new week.

04/18/2021 21:50:43

Happy Monday Have A Blessed Week | Monday morning quotes, Blessed week,  Have a blessed week

remix daffodil bees GIF by Rochelle E Liss

Couple Holding Hands On Romantic Walk In Park Together Stock Photo by  monkeybusiness

04/18/2021 19:40:42


04/18/2021 19:09:59

Evening my friend., was a nice Sunday., but i stayed in

and did some sewing my friend wanted a dog coat for her pets..

my son and i  pitched in for chinese food tonight.,  hope you had a good day, and  your ready for a new week.  have a good night,  hugs 

04/17/2021 22:17:17

Start Where You Can. Happy Sunday!

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04/17/2021 21:14:19

Evening, another chilly night  going to be in the 30's

went to the store and meet the girls for coffee. hope your having a great weekend so far,  have a good night, hugs  June

04/17/2021 19:38:51


04/16/2021 22:58:03

Good Morning Happy Saturday - PicMix

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Men fall in love faster than women, study finds | health enews

04/16/2021 18:16:08

Evening  still snowing and raining  here

also been cold,,  i stay in  today  the roads are icy  hope you had a better day. going upstairs. see you in the morning.  have good night.     Let the weekend  begin.,  hugs june 

04/15/2021 22:22:52

Happy Friday - PicMix

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04/15/2021 19:38:03


04/15/2021 18:34:17

Evening.,  cold and raw day., expecting heavy  rains  tonight  changing  to snow tomorrow .. went to lunch  with a friend had pizza. hope you had a good day..  yeah tomorrow Friday  and the weekend  begins.  have a good night.


04/14/2021 22:14:08

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Gif Wallpaper Hd Flower - NiCe

Men fall in love faster than women, study finds | health enews

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