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11/25/2020 21:33:24

“Life is a game, play it; 

Life is a challenge, Meet it; 

Life is an opportunity, Capture it.”

~ Unknown ~

11/24/2020 21:26:46

If there's something you want in life, 

go and grab it with two hands and don't let it go. 

Chances are, if you don't take it, 

someone else will be more than happy to.

~ Unknown ~

11/24/2020 11:24:27

i want to say happy thanksgiving, i won't be here again untill friday..lots of love marykay

11/23/2020 21:25:15

Chase your dreams but always 

know the road that will lead you home again.

~ Unknown ~

11/23/2020 10:07:54

have a pleasant start to this new week...mk

11/22/2020 21:25:04

There's no such thing as right or wrong, 

only consequences to your actions.

~ Unknown ~

11/21/2020 12:35:37

11/20/2020 09:47:58

wishing you a lovely friday..mk

11/19/2020 21:18:31

To be truly happy, 

you have to find a way to give to the world.

When you give to the world, the world gives to you.

What goes around, comes around.

~ Unknown ~

11/19/2020 11:08:45

a beautiful day here, how's your day going?..mk

11/18/2020 21:45:28

Man succeeds because he believes he can, 

or he fails because he thinks he will.

~ Unknown ~

11/18/2020 12:46:09

sorry for no post yesterday, was and still am suffering from a migraine headache, don't know if you have ever had one but, they hurt like hell..so don't know how far i will get sending this but going to try..mk

11/17/2020 21:06:33

“Life is a book in volumes three -

The past, the present, and the yet-to-be.

The past is written and laid away,

The present we're writing every day,

And the last and best of volumes three

Is locked from sight - God keeps the key”

~ Unknown ~

11/16/2020 21:03:01

Forget about mistakes you made yesterday

The lessons you learned are good for today.

Never give up and think that you’re through

There’s always tomorrow to start off brand new.

~ Unknown ~

11/16/2020 09:56:51

11/15/2020 20:26:56

Faith sees the invisible, 

believes the incredible and 

receives the impossible.

~ Unknown ~

11/15/2020 12:40:36

having some nasty weather here, hoping my power does'nt go out..have a pleasant sunday..hugs..marykay

11/14/2020 13:09:24

happy caturday..mk

11/13/2020 08:26:39

11/12/2020 21:25:29

“You will begin to heal when you let go of past hurts, 

forgive those who have wronged you, 

and learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes.”

~ Unknown ~

11/11/2020 21:28:57

Every morning you are handed 24 golden hours. 

They are one of the few things in this world 

that you get free of charge. 

If you had all the money in the world, 

you couldn’t buy an extra hour. 

What will you do with this priceless treasure?

~ Unknown ~

11/11/2020 12:06:48

11/10/2020 21:43:34

No one can predict the height you can soar. 

Even you will not know until you spread your wings.

~ Unknown ~

11/10/2020 09:12:13

good morning and happy tuesday. looking like rain here today, so glad they finished my roof yesterday, hope your day is pleasant and peaceful...hugs...marykay

11/09/2020 20:34:15

Treat everyone with politeness, 

even those who are rude to you

not because they are nice, but because you are.

~ Unknown ~

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