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12/02/2023 17:17:17

Evening., cool day.,  expecting heavy rain into tomorrow.,

hope your weather better... today i wrote out my xmas cards yeah all done  will mail them soon.,  put up my lights in the window  and ceramics tree so far and fiber optic tree i'll decorate that tomorrow., been get rid of a lot of paper work also.  

have a great night my friend.

12/02/2023 11:09:14

Hello dear friends lots of love
and greetings from the Netherlands
with all due respect to everyone in good health, but it can always happen
hug Soraya❤
Walk the roads down here in love and peace❤ see you soon it's worthless I'd rather work
hug from my beloved dog Terry and the parrot Ha Ha

12/02/2023 10:32:21

Welcome December.

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Happy Caturday.


12/02/2023 09:54:38

Hello December.

Aladin and Jasmine my sisters cats. | Retro christmas, Christmas art,  Vintage christmas cards

 Have yourself an amazing Caturday.


12/02/2023 05:37:16

12/01/2023 22:27:27

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12/01/2023 19:29:48

Evening went for coffee with the girls

then came home and stated to decorate  so much work  will finish tomorrow. weather 50's  but cloudy/  hope you had a great start to the new month.

plus writing out my cards..

see you tomorrow., hugs

12/01/2023 09:45:18

A warm Hello, 

my dear gorgeous Friend ♥

Me just peeking in to wish you 

a wonderful 1. December 

and a very happy month ahead!

I hope you enjoy this time of the year 

with your loved ones & 

that you are in good health.

~As always with Respect~

Much Love...your Vicky x♥x


12/01/2023 07:42:07

11/30/2023 22:17:41

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11/30/2023 19:40:37

Evening  so chilly today high was 30's

went to dinner with my son and girlfriend.(i paid)., also went to the bank., guess am going to change advisors.and went to a couple of stores.

hope you had a great day

see you tomorrow have a good night.

11/30/2023 19:05:13

11/30/2023 18:00:33


11/29/2023 21:46:33

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11/29/2023 17:43:06

Evening my friend., was chilly day  30's but wind chill teens

hope your having a good day.

I went to the bank to check out this financial advisor.,, tomorrow i see a different one   then coffee.,  have a good night

11/29/2023 06:25:23

11/28/2023 23:03:11

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11/28/2023 21:39:38

11/28/2023 17:32:42


11/28/2023 17:32:41


11/28/2023 17:29:30

Evening  out weather been cold  .... in the morning teens   high was 40

hope you had a good day., i just went  for coffee.,  had to get home  i hired a man to do cleaning for me., seems very nice.,  22.00 hour  will start thursday.

have a good night see you tomorrow have to go to the bank to meet a new person for financal advisor  my guy John is retiring.,  then thursday i'll meet someone else for a different bank .,  i have a lot of thinking to do.

have a good night., Hugs

11/28/2023 09:57:48

11/27/2023 22:16:09

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11/27/2023 18:16:19

my goat betts went into labor this

morning, she had a beautiful baby

boy..unfortunatly she did'nt make

it..she was such a sweet girl. she

follow me all over the place..

i will miss her..but feeding the baby

every 2 or 3 hours..so if you

don't see me here tomorrow i

will be worn out in the need of

sleep..have a nice evening..mk

11/27/2023 17:56:11

Evening my friend., hope you had a great starts to a new week

I went to lunch with my friend normal thursday but she has appointment., then I met  the girls for coffee.

see you tomorrow., my son will be by tonight  ., it's Monday comes every Monday

Hugs June

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