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03/03/2021 02:12:41

03/02/2021 22:56:42

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03/02/2021 22:51:11

03/02/2021 19:39:18


03/02/2021 18:26:01

Evening.,  really bad day here high hurricane winds.,  lot's of damage., my barrel blew from the street., and scratch  the side of my car...

tomorrow the weather will be  40's less wind.. happy about that.   going  to the heart doctor's  tomorrow.,  I haven't been feeling like  myself  so we will see what he says.

Hope you had a good day. and a wonderful night.

03/02/2021 11:05:04

“Stay positive. Forgive others. 

Invest in yourself. Trust your instincts. 

Lead with an open heart. 

Don’t let others ruin your day. 

Do things that bring you joy. 

Be of service to humanity. 

Find your soul tribe. Love yourself.”

~ Unknown ~

03/02/2021 10:33:13

03/02/2021 09:42:38

03/02/2021 04:40:13

03/01/2021 22:17:05

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03/01/2021 20:33:47


I'll be waiting here, for you!


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

Acc. by Jimmy Dorsey-cl/Sammy Prager-p/Eddie Lang-g.
Clarion 5327-C
New York, May 9, 1931.

"Moonlight Saving Time" - Annette Hanshaw - 1931



03/01/2021 19:53:48

EVENING.,  crazy weather we are having was in the 40"s today. but tonight into tomorrow will be sub zero minus  .,then  wait  Wesnesday will be in the 50's,,,, hope you had a better day.,  has 1 slice of pizza for dinner.   hope your having a better day.  and a wonderful night.

03/01/2021 19:22:45


03/01/2021 16:30:28

Monday afternoon. So happy March is here and Spring will find us soon ! Kinda cool and dreary here all day with a chance for rain. Still it's been pleasant in the house and my chores are getting done. Mail delivery which was horrible during the holidays and the artic freeze seems to be slowly returning to normal. During the worst of it we weren't seeing mail until 8 o'clock at night in total darkness. Bad weather, none at all. Didn't like that much at all. I really felt sorry for the delivery people. So stressed out. I found a global radio station online where you can listen to radio stations almost anywhere in the world. Today I was listening to a station in Glascow Scotland that I found entertaining. Enjoying some oldies and some celtic selections and listening to the dj's commentary. Just hearing the dialect was amusing. I was just getting in the mood for St. Patrick's day ! LOL  I'm baking chicken for an early supper and the kitten, who is especially fond of chicken, is right at my heels in anticipation. It's so obvious what she wants. Her little nose is working overtime and she makes me laugh. I know my life is simple and uninteresting right now. Still searching for things to occupy my time. I wonder I'm not boring everyone to tears. Hope You're enjoying the first day of what turns out to be a happy month. ~ Marcia

03/01/2021 13:02:11

“Learn the rules like a pro, 

so you can break them like an artist.”

~ Pablo Picasso ~

03/01/2021 12:05:39

03/01/2021 08:53:17

happy march! sure wish it felt like outside...wishing you a wonderful start to the week...hugs..mk

03/01/2021 05:03:03

03/01/2021 02:46:26

02/28/2021 22:16:12

02/28/2021 22:07:40

Monday Blessings | Monday blessings, Monday morning blessing, Good monday  morning

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How We Like to Talk about Love - Exploring your mind

02/28/2021 19:45:30



Do you keep secrets?

I do!


Love Always, Annette, "That's All!"

Annette Hanshaw, v acc. by Phil Napoleon, t / 2 as / ts / vn / p / Tony
Colucci, g / ? Hank Stern, bb / Stan King, d. New York, May 9, 1929

I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling - Annette Hanshaw acc. by the New Englanders (Ben Selvin's Orchestra) 1929



I'm Flying high but I've got a feeling I'm falling
Falling for nobody else but you
You caught my eye
And I've got a feeling I'm falling
Show me the ring and I'll jump right through
I used to travel single,oh
We chance to mingle, oh
Now I'm all a tingle over you
Hey Mister Parson stand by
For I've got a feeling I'm falling
Falling for nobody else but you
Oh, Honey, Oh Honey, I never felt this way
Romantically I'm up in the air
Its funny, so funny me taking it this way
Don't know if I should
But gee, it feels good
I'm Flying high but I've got a feeling I'm falling
Falling for nobody else but you
And you know it too!
You caught my eye
And I've got a feeling I'm falling
Show me the ring and Boy I'll take it from you!
I used to travel single, Oh
We chance to mingle, Oh
Now I'm all a tingle over you
Hey Mister Parson stand by
Don't leave me now
For I've got a feeling I'm falling
Falling for nobody else but you! That's All!

02/28/2021 19:28:25

have a peaceful evening..mk

02/28/2021 15:55:31

Evening., hope your having a great Sunday

me  was a boring day.,  just did some housework. don't know what i'll eat  maybe  cheese and crackers.

hope you have a great night.

02/28/2021 14:47:56

Hello, have a good, beginning, of the week,

special, with many joys, and happiness,

with all my friendship, Maria, take care, kisses 

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