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07/21/2024 17:00:38

07/21/2024 11:22:55

Hello, pretty, friend, have a nice Sunday,

happy, as, you, wait, full. of joys. today,

a quick pass, I'm not in the mood, I wish you,

the best, for your day, with love, Maria, kisses,

07/20/2024 22:34:46

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07/20/2024 19:00:50
Sorry just a note to say goodnight
Not feeling well dizzy hope it's just the heat
Hugs june

07/20/2024 12:25:32

Hello, Happy, SATURDAY, and nice, END, of the 

week, REST, ENJOY, HAVE FUN, and be

very, happy, rest, this weekend, homework,

and ENJOY each, one, of your, BEAUTIFUL,

minutes, relax, in good company,

with a good massage to relax,

I wish you a Saturday as beautiful as

You, smile, at life, big hugs, Maria

07/20/2024 00:45:10

Thank You * Love You


07/19/2024 22:15:47

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07/19/2024 19:52:46

07/19/2024 18:39:21

Evening was a beautiful day  no humidity

I got a late start/  .    cleaning guy didn't show up yesterday  but came today

i had things i had to do., so just let him clean the bathrooms.,

hope you had a great day and a fantatic weekend.

hugs June

07/19/2024 13:56:44

Hello, dear, friend, happy, Friday, have a,

day, beautiful, pretty, and everything, makes you, be, 

happy,May your Friday be special, like you, that

God be with you on this beautiful Friday,

enjoy, a, beautiful, day, buy, from,

joys, and new, illusions, happens, magical, moments,

of, happiness, full, of peace, love, protect yourself,  

from, everything,whatever you do, to

 your liking, I send you great ones,

hugs, Maria, take care,

07/18/2024 22:22:02

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07/18/2024 22:10:17

07/18/2024 18:21:27

weather was cooler 80's humidity lower

went to lunch had pizza  hope you had a good day

see you in the morning. have a good night...

07/17/2024 22:01:09

Happy Thursday


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07/17/2024 18:09:17

Evening they say today's the last day of this heat wave.,  tomorrow they say 80's 

for the rest of the week., last night i lost power until 8 am not fun made it so hot.

hope your having a better day. and  night.  to hot to cook having a piece of cake for dinner.

have a good night see you in the morning. hugs

07/17/2024 15:16:16

07/16/2024 22:30:24

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Couple : 10 comportements pour briser la routine et entretenir le désir |  Partenamut Mutualité Libre en Belgique

07/16/2024 20:26:50

Evening hope this heat breaks soon

again 3 digits.temps,  i was hungry tonight so made pasta fagoli

hope you had a great day. and a wonderful night.

Hugs June

07/15/2024 22:13:44

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07/15/2024 19:16:21

Evening  extremely  hot today  triple digits., for the next 3 days.. no air ., just went for ice tea  and kohl's

then home.,  yesterday dinner was nice with my son for my birthday. hope your staying cool ., have a good night., hugs  june

07/15/2024 14:07:13

Hello, my sweet friend, new week, may your Monday,

com, new, opportunities, and new, emotions,

I wish you all a blessed week,

May I grant all your wonderful WISHES,

TASTE IT, every day, smile, no one will do it,

For you, I wish you a great day, get going, with

a lot of energy, and positive vibes, and opportunities

that open before you. Take care, big hugs

Maria, be very, happy, pretty,

07/14/2024 22:30:59

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07/14/2024 21:17:18

07/14/2024 14:47:36

Afternoon very humid day.,

i went just for ice tea.,  now am waiting for my son ., he's taken me out for dinner with his girlfriend, for my birthday not until 5:30 she working.,    going to the Texas road house.  hope your having a good day.

and a wonderful night., hugs, june

07/13/2024 22:04:21

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