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03/02/2021 11:05:58

“Stay positive. Forgive others. 

Invest in yourself. Trust your instincts. 

Lead with an open heart. 

Don’t let others ruin your day. 

Do things that bring you joy. 

Be of service to humanity. 

Find your soul tribe. Love yourself.”

~ Unknown ~

03/01/2021 13:03:14

“Learn the rules like a pro, 

so you can break them like an artist.”

~ Pablo Picasso ~

02/26/2021 12:50:36

“Happiness is not the absence of problems, 

it's the ability to deal with them.”

~ Steve Maraboli ~

02/25/2021 12:10:50

“Believe in your infinite potential. 

Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.”

~ Roy T. Bennett ~

02/24/2021 11:50:56

“Never lose hope. 

Storms make people stronger 

and never last forever.”

~ Roy T. Bennett ~

02/23/2021 14:14:56

“Never stop dreaming,

never stop believing,

never give up,

never stop trying, and

never stop learning.”

~ Roy T. Bennett ~

02/22/2021 10:51:36

“Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. 

Be led by the dreams in your heart.”

~ Roy T. Bennett ~

02/19/2021 13:44:30

“Believe in yourself. 

You are braver than you think, 

more talented than you know, 

and capable of more than you imagine.”

~ Roy T. Bennett ~

02/18/2021 12:37:04

“Don't let anyone's ignorance, 

hate, drama, or negativity stop you from 

being the best person you can be.”

~ Unknown ~

02/17/2021 12:06:26

“Be stronger than your excuses.”

~ Unknown ~

02/16/2021 13:06:46

“Don't be afraid to start over again. 

This time you are not starting from scratch; 

you are starting from experience.”

~ Unknown ~

02/15/2021 19:40:00

“Don't undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others. 

It is because we are different that each of us is special.”

~ Unknown ~

02/12/2021 10:50:56

“Love doesn’t make the world go round. 

Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” 

~ Franklin P. Jones ~

02/11/2021 13:05:48

“Maybe this day is not one of your favorites. 

But never forget every day you wake up 

is an amazing gift and it's up to you to make it count.”

~ Unknown ~

02/10/2021 14:24:28

“If people on earth loved each other, 

the earth would shine brighter than the sun.”

~ Unknown ~

02/09/2021 14:08:05

“Don't be afraid of being different, 

be afraid of being the same as everyone else.”

~ Unknown ~

02/08/2021 13:23:35

“If the door closes, 

quit banging on it! 

Whatever was behind it, wasn't meant for you. 

Consider the fact that maybe the door was closed 

because you were worth so much more 

than what was on the other side.”

~ Unknown ~

02/05/2021 09:21:23

“When thinking about life, remember this: 

no amount of guilt can change the past 

and no amount of anxiety can change the future.”

~ Unknown ~

02/04/2021 14:28:14

“Do small things with great love.”

~ Unknown ~

02/03/2021 09:06:30

“Don't let anyone's ignorance, hate, drama, 

or negativity stop you from being the best person you can be.”

~ Unknown ~

02/02/2021 15:00:19

“Keep your heart open to dreams. 

For as long as there's a dream, there is hope. 

And as long as there is hope, 

there's joy in living 

The key to happiness is having dreams.”

~ Unknown ~

02/01/2021 15:06:58

“It's not that everything will be easy 

or exactly as you had expected, 

but you must just choose to be grateful 

for all that you have, and happy that you got 

a chance to live this life, no matter how it turns out.”

~ Unknown ~

01/29/2021 12:12:44

“If you begin the day with love in your heart, 

peace in your nerves, and truth in your mind, 

you not only benefit by their presencebut 

also bring them to others, to your family and friends, 

and to all those whose destiny draws across your path that day.”

~ Unknown ~

01/28/2021 07:19:51

“Two things to remember in life. 

Take care of your thoughts when you are alone, 

and take care of your words when you are with people.”

~ Unknown ~

01/26/2021 17:51:15

“A good life is when you smile often, 

dream big, laugh a lot and realize 

how blessed you are for what you have.”

~ Unknown ~

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