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Still sorting out this site and trying to learn how to respond to your warm welcomes.

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69 years old
Beaumont, California
United States
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Miracle Mile, Jaws, Interstellar, anything Sci-fi, Jackie Chan, Bruce Campbell, or Fred Astaire.

Everything...yes, even a little rap, except Mariachi. I hate mariachi.

The Last Starship, The Gasp, most Stephen King, mysteries, scientific research.

Reading, singing, driving, self improvement (physically and spiritually) following new discoveries in astronomy, anthropology, physics.

I enjoy travel and love viewing solar eclipses (magical!). I think there is more travel in my future. I plan to go zip-lining soon. Considering sky diving....a last and best companion?...perhaps.

I'm a happy, healthy woman enjoying being single for the first time...I was widowed 7 years ago. I'm loving this adventure.

Happy people, music, pets, watching the clouds drift through the Pass, my little yellow roadsters on a smooth, fast road.

Whining, sulking, depressing people. The smell of cigarettes and people who drink to excess.

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12/11/2017 08:39:22

Many of life's failures are people 

who did not realize how close they were 

to success when they gave up.

~ Thomas Edison ~

12/11/2017 04:14:11
Good morning on this Monday morning.  About another inch of snow overnight.  Nothing spectacular.  Just makes the roads slippery.  Of course, it prevents my exercise protocol.  I have built that in to my schedule for the winter.  This latest snow is going to end at approximately 5:00 AM, give or take 37 seconds.  I don't think there is going to be any sunshine today.  Sun always makes a person feel better no matter what the temperature is.  I suppose there is nothing I can do about it except to write an oped about it online.  Whatever!  My agenda for today is open.  I really don't plan on doing anything.  Maybe a constitutional around the neighborhood to at least get some movement.  If I become too bored, maybe organizing a safari to the grocery store for some Jewish Rye Bread with caraway seeds.

My never ending battle with Microsoft is in suspension at the moment.  I have been researching on ways to circumvent their hostile movements towards my computers.  It does not look good.  I may eventually have to do something I do not want to do.  If this computer ever breaks down, I may actually have to pay to have it fixed because the new computers will not support some of the programs I like.  Yesterday I imported some programs and I was inundated with ads when I tried to use the programs.  It made them unusable.  I had to jettison them, and of course I'm in massive depression.

I leave you now drinking the bad coffee; listening to the stereo; and preparing myself for my sports talk show.  Have a good day.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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12/10/2017 22:35:24

 HI my dear friend I wishing you a fantastc New Week love and peace a Big
Hugs;)ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !

12/10/2017 19:20:17



12/10/2017 10:10:41

Good Morning; many blessings to you, and have a wonderful Day.                                           

12/10/2017 05:29:26
Good morning on this Sunday morning.  Some snow fell again last night on my car.  I did not think snow was in the forecast but apparently it was.  I was not planning on going out for exercise this morning being I knew the roads would be slippery.  So it did not affect me except from the mental aspect.  You know, massive depression, etc.  In either case, I went out to throw out some water, and of course I was semi decent.  And I actually found that it was nicer than the temperature indicated.  As a matter of fact, if there would be no snow on the road, I would be out exercising and riding my motorcycle.  I looked for the forecast in the future and it does not look good for the motorcycle.  I am almost ready to hoist the white flag and surrender for the winter.  I shall wait this week before an actual surrender.  I have two straight days of getting into the 30s.  I'm not hopeful but like a man drifting in the ocean after a ship wreck, I have to have some hope.

I am contemplating on installing Windows 7 or Windows Vista in my new computer to make it viable for some of the programs that the new Windows 10 will not support.  I'm assuming I can do it but one never knows what Microsoft has done to stop a person.  I know that it will be hectic when they come for an update and find out what has happened.  Whatever!  I think I shall hold off on that until this computer breaks down and I no longer have my usable programs.  Every time I think of Microsoft, I feel sorry for myself.

I leave you now with this knowledge, I'm drinking the good coffee.  Have a good day.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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12/10/2017 00:58:50

 Have a beautiful Sunday love and peace my dear friend a Bings Hugs :)ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !ImageDost.com - Free Fast Image Hosting For Everyone !

12/09/2017 22:05:34



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