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68 years old
United States
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I like mostly the older movies.

I like most all music, christian and Christmas most of all.

The Bible.

I enjoy doing family history, coin collecting, gardening,

I like funny videos.


I am a Christian amd a retired veteran, 20 years U,S. Army. In the past i owned 2 thrift stores. I am married to my wonderful wife Marlene Joy.

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04/15/2024 10:50:11

today april 15 is  my mother anversery of her going to join god home. .1988. my beautiful mom.

 she holding her fifi dog french poodle name fifi powder puff. my mom was a RN, EVERYONE LOVED HER. FAMILY AND  HER  PEOPLE WHO HAD HER AS HER NURSE. I MISS HER MOM I LOVE YOU,

04/06/2024 09:03:43

No photo description available.this os me with my daughter susan when she was  young it was taking on mother day. susan was  a  pioneer girl before she was a girl scot, have a wonderful day. love all . god blessings. we all serrived our ny, eartquake  and n. j. i hope all is well . we had 4.8. wow, enjoy your weekend.,

04/05/2024 17:27:23

we just got after afact just now  my desk computer    . i was just writing you . oh  ok we be ok. iam ok it felt ward. any how have a good eveing, love  mary.

04/05/2024 16:59:11

today  we had a earthquake at 10.45 or around there we  ok  we felt a little bit  some didnt feel it. i was at my club  playing bingo. i didnt feel anything i only felt like i got dizzy then i relized it wasnt me,lol. my daughter susan said she was in the kitchen, she told me  tv and some things was  little shaking.  people in new jersery got it more stronger. god bless  thank god it wasnt worse, anyway have a good weekend. love  mary.

04/04/2024 15:57:09

May be a black-and-white image of smilingmy family pictures when i was a child,, love to share, taken in my grandmas house,   can you figure out  what child is me,.

03/24/2024 09:21:27

03/24/2024 09:21:04

03/24/2024 09:08:34

May be an image of cat, coffee cup and text that says 'Stay down, don't Jook... she hash't had her Coffee yet Laughing with a mouthful of Coffee'

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