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Good Monday to u all.

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Free to Use & Public Domain bHearts/b bClip Art/b - Page 2

What Can You Accomplish With Love?
By Joe Wilner
When you think of love there are probably many things that come to mind. Maybe romantic relationships, the love for material possessions, or the fondness we feel for family and friends....
Outside of the many expressions of love, its true power comes when we cultivate love within ourselves.
By cultivating love from within we can experience a growing sense of compassion and empathy for others as well as ourselves, and developing self-acceptance and a non-judgmental perspective as we follow our life path.
To experience true love we must love ourselves first and have a spiritual relationship as the foundation. This is a life long journey, but when we reach a point where we can love for the sake of loving, we will find compassion, overcome fear, and live with greater vigor.
Love can renew and heal
When things get tough and we feel overwhelmed, love can keep us going. It can calm rough waters and keep us focused on what is most important. Love allows us to forgive and move forward to a better tomorrow. The most fertile source to deal with conflict, malevolence and disrespect is loving-kindness.
Love can cast out fear
Fear is an emotional state that keeps us full of worry and angst. When we live by love it squelches fear and opens our heart to experience faith and excitement. The world may be full of corruption, but the best way to overcome this is by facing the world and others with trust, hope and a loving embrace.
Love can inspire and move us
One of the most powerful emotions is love. Love is vibrant and fills us with energy so we will take action. Think of the most fundamental social and civil rights movements in history. The figures involved in these developments and the mission they followed were based on a spiritual conviction of love. A love espoused with dignity, benevolence, honor and courage.
Love can bring peace and harmony
When we have love in our heart it offers a sense of calm or tranquility. We can become more compassionate and full of empathy. When we love our enemy life becomes serene and tension diminishes. When we navigate the world with love as our compass we will no longer live by apprehension and fear.
Love is our natural state of being. We are meant to radiate compassion and a fruitful spirit. When we can connect with this part of our being our life and the life of others around us will change for the better.Have a fantastic week....Stay safe and warm... Spring is just around the corner... Not! haha but think positive..and  remember when despair knocks at your door, send hope to answer it... Angel Blessings and Love

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An Oasis in the Desert: Happy bValentine's/b Day!

01/22/2018 08:30:25

To be the best, 

you must be able to handle the worst.

~ Wilson Kanadi ~

01/22/2018 08:30:14

01/21/2018 19:55:47

" Prayer is a Terror to Satan "

Hugs and Love



01/21/2018 17:18:56

" Whosover hateth his brother is a Murderer "

  1 John 3:15

01/21/2018 15:37:34
Today's Angelic Message:
  Beautiful Angel Graphic
Today's Angelic Message:
"Following your heart does not mean following your emotions, it means following the intuitive knowing being revealed to you within your heart. It means listening to the the still small voice speaking within your soul. It means trusting The Divine Spirit residing in you."Stay safe and warm.... Angel Blessings and Love..

bHave/b bA Great/b bWeek/b Pictures, Photos, and Images for ...

Trust in the Light.

To help others discover their talents is the best help we can give. Sometimes people are unaware of their talents, or afraid to use them. But if we do not use the gifts we have been given, we can never be truly happy. Throughout our lives, people help us grow. As we grow older, we can help others too.
Making others aware of the things they do well and subtly encouraging them to use their talents is the best way to help them progress.

 “Here we are,
arguably the most intelligent being
that’s ever walked planet Earth,
with this extraordinary brain.
Yet, we’re destroying
the only home we have.”
~ Jane Goodall

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