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Live, Laugh, Love

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71 years old
Paoge, Texas
United States
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Some of my favorite movies: Titantic, Pearl Harbor,Ghost, City of Angels, Dragonfly, Cast Away,6 Days 7 Nights, Message in a Bottle, Forest Gump, Dr. Dolittle 1 & 2, Sister Act 1 & 2, Die Hard Series,Armagedon, Star Trek movies,Postman, Last Dogmen, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal movies,Green Mile and all Stephen King movies,Road House, Cocktail,Thelma and Louise,John Wayne movies,Documentries,the lost just goes on and on.

listen to mainly county/western, but also love the old rock and roll. I do like some of the new rock, just depends on the song and artist. Do not get into Hip Hop, Rap or heavy metal.I like some classical music, that depends on my mood.

I love Stephen King and I have read every one of his novels. I also like Danille Stelle. I love the old historical romance and pirate novels

gardening, crocheting, quilting,taking care of my fainting baby goats. I love my computer and I am on it alot, my husband would tell you "She is on it too much" and I say "define too much". LOL'
I like writing amd painting. I am not that good at either one, but I like doing them both.

I am married and we live on a farm in south central Texas, with his parents. I am care taker of his mom and dad. You may ask Care taker? What that boils down o is this, I do all cooking and 90% of all of the house cleaning,etc. I figure another term for it is "Live-in Maid" I sure hope when I get their age I get to have a live in maid too..LOL No wait, why not now?
We grow a huge garden an I can and perserve just about all that we grow. So in summer I am kept pretty busy doing that. Is nice n winter tine to have my own veggies to use. I also make all kinds of jellies and jams.
I have 3 grown sons and they have families of their own now. Which is great. The only thing is that they all live in different states, so I do not get to see them or my grand babies very often.
I have a step-daughter and she has 2 of my grand kids in Hawaii. So I do not get to see them at all. Her husband is in the Navy and they are there for 2 more years.
I am a retired professional Clown/ bartender. I had a stroke in '05 that left me partially paralyzed on my left side. It has beena long hard road but I can walk now. Still have a limp that only gets better a time goes on. I am still numb in different spots on my left side, but thseare getting less also. My goal is to run an play base ball with my grand sons, all 4 of them and to take my grand-daughters shopping, 2 girls. So I think that is a good summary about me. If you have any questions, just ask.

I love to see a good looking man in a pair of tight fitting jeans. Then there are times a nice looking suit works too, as long as they can be the person that they really are and feel comfortable with themselves.
Love to smell good smelling men. Love my exspensive perfumes.
I like a clean home, not neccsarily spotless, but clean.
I love to cuddle with my man and watch a good movie or just cuddle.
I love working in my gardens and growing my flowers and plants.

I can't stand a untruthful person.
I can't stand a thief.
I can't stand being dirty and messy. I like looking nice.
Can't stand over done anything, from food to people trying to be something that they are not.

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