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Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility regard others better than yourself.

mem_normal2 OFFLINE
78 years old
Andover, Kansas
United States
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I work with many new and up and coming artists, MT Robison & The Messengers, Orly Vardy, Tobiah Thomas, Kadesha Drija, Olivia Gray, Agnieszka Holm (Catself),Kelley Rae, Mayhy Leah, Kashy Keegan, Vincent Pablo, Sofie Reed, Trice Jacobs, Melody Moros, Francis Voignier, Wendy Worthington, Gabrielle Howarth, many are from foreign countries.

Collecting clowns, however mainly Emmett Kelly Sr. & Emmett Kelly.

Evaluating the arts, artists, singers, musicians, photographers, and authors/writers and promoting them.

Going to Great Britian this year to see, Tobia Thomas, Alexandra Grashion, Kadesha Drija, Lesley Neesham & Mulberry Hawk.

Going to LA to see MT Robison & The Messengers do a show with Blondie!

Going to Switzerland to see Olivia Gray.

Going to Isreal to see Orly Vardy!

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Retired Aircraft Manager, 42 years in aircraft business. Have one granddaughter, two grown children. Graduate of Wichita State University, Accounting & Business Administration BA's & Masters in Business Administration. Member of Wichita and National Blues Society. Have been a Santa Clause many years as well as TearDrop the Clown. Was a Board member of the Seven Step Foundation for 10 years in The State of Kansas. Served in many capacities of Advisement for Junior Achievement In Tucson, Arizona and a National level. Also a Special Needs Counselor(ask and I'll tell) Spent 6 years US Navy, as a part of an elite group which I am proud of. Taught some Native American History Classes and Motivation Classes. Vice Chairman Church Board of Deacons as of November 21,2008, Church Lay Leader. Great Love for music. Love to help people ♥, Love promoting Friends, musicians, singers,artists, photographers, and authors/writers.

People who offer great friendships, intelligent conversations, who accept all people on ther merits and face value. Ones who have hearts and look beyond the surface.

Talented people who are involved in the arts, authors, musicians, singers, photographers, artists, and people who Love people and promote friends & Love, making the world a better place to live.

Those who use people and do not respect others peoples values.

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01/04/2023 11:36:59

Happy happy birthday wish for you

May Almighty God bless you.

I thank God that with his unparalleled love

At the end of another beautiful year he allowed you to arrive.

Happy, happy birthday, may God in his goodness

give you longer life, health, happiness.

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01/04/2023 07:36:38

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