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Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don't say.

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71 years old
Ardmore, Pennsylvania
United States
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Horror, horror and more horror. And comedies. But they have to be really funny. I rent movies first. If I love them, I buy them. But, I could go toe to toe with you on horror. Oh, and Civil War or mafia movies.

I think my absolute favorite decade was the 70's and the disco music. I put all of my favorite tunes onto tapes so I can load them into my Walkman and play them on my walk/runs. I have 16 90min tapes. I play a different one every day that I walk. I sing along--bad voice and all. Classic rock, jazz, a little rap, a little folk.

I have such a collection of books and love to read. I could show you pictures of me in my playpen. What do I have in my hands?? A book and I'm reading it. I especially love books on the mob---I have several on John Gotti. I also have several books on the Civil War and Nazi Germany.I love reading about those eras.

I love cooking and gardening. I plant red geraniums in the spring. By summer, the red is a nice contrast with all of the green. I love crossword puzzles--especially the NY Times and Merle Reagle's puzzles. I'm an avid reader. My walking takes me 2 hours a day. I love court shows-Judge Joe Brown and Judge Judy are the best.I also LOVE Harleys: loud and proud.If i could, I'd shoot alot of pool. I'm not bad at it.

I'd love to take another cruise or just veg on a warm sandy beach somewhere.

Hi-my name is Marilyn.I live in a nice town and live a quiet life. I'm a registered nurse and work the weekend program at a local nursing home. I have off during the week which I love. I'm single, no children but have had lots of pets (whom i miss terribly). I started walking for exercise years ago and do 7-8 miles a day depending on the weather and my mood. I enjoy corresponding with people from all over the world and deepening the friendships I already have. I've learned words and phrases in other languages. I'm a breast cancer survivor since 2007. My cancer experience completely changed me. I survived and the ordeal left me with a stronger sense of identity, direction, self worth, self-respect and love of self. I'm more assertive and demanding---in a good way. For that I am grateful !! . I have lots of fun taking the pictures that I post on my page. I enjoy life, my friends and look forward to all that the future holds.

A great sense of humor, intelligence and personality. Good manners are always a plus. A smile can change the world.

Rudeness, arrogance, bad English. People using cell phones while driving. Inconsideration.

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