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73 years old
Houston, Texas
United States
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Law Abiding Citizen, Twilight, Twilight (New Moon), Twilight Eclipse, Secret Garden, Little Princess, Stomp The Yard, Hitch, Legend, Where the Heart Is. Signs, Kiss The Girls, Double Jeopardy

Country, Oldies, Some Pop,, whatever my mood is..

Mostly Books about Angels, some of the Bible, I have been reading on the Internet about Arch Angel Michael.
I read more on the Internet than books.

Yard Work, Veggie Garden, Boating ( don't get too) Sailing (don't know how, but I sure like the ride). cross stitching, crocheting,
I like to do most anything, its better sometimes when you have a companion to share with.

Meeting Jesus, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock,Reba, Eric Roberts, Gerard Butler (WOWIEE), Clint Eastwood, Vince Gill, met Ricky Van Shelton. another wowwee.
Just get on a plane and be able to fly anywhere at any given point.
I want to meet my friends on the internet.
I want to ride on a Harley or Touring Bike again.
I want to win the lottery, however I never play it.
Pay my truck off,
Buy some land & plant Orange & Grapefruit Trees, along with lemons, & limes, Have a Herb Garden.
Have another Veggie Garden.
Learn to Love & Trust a Man & not be scared.

I am a Widow of 30 yrs. Have 2 grown kids, seven grandkids & one new great great grandbaby. I love my family. I love My God.
I enjoy things around me to be fun, exciting, challenging, I love the idea falling in love, I like the idea of having a companion without the nonsense that goes with a relationship.
Its not necessary to talk about my background its in the past, so we can talk about the future and the present. I love the idea of love, its a word not an emotion... I like the idea of getting on a plane & go anywhere at anytime. I love to travel & drive. I'm not able to at this time. I enjoy my friends who want to share their lives.
I enjoy helping people when I can and when they want help. I enjoy caring for the elderly.
I write poetry, have won first place with the Poetry Society, the poem I wrote was published. It was a small poem, but it had enough impact on the judges to have voted that is was excellent to be published. I wrote the poem 2 months after my mom passing.
I was in the beauty business for 20 yrs. train students on the art of acrylic, silk & linen nails. Helped open several business companies in the nail business

People who will communicate, share their life with you.
A man who will allow you to be who you are.
A man who is not afraid to show his love to a woman, where ever & when ever.
A man who puts your face in the palm of his hands & just looks at you then gives you a light kiss & tell you how much he loves you are how much he appreciate you to be his life.
A man who will come up behind you, puts his arms around you and kiss your neck, this is including in front of family & friends.
Who likes to be with family, & likes to grill.

People who take the Lords name in vain.
People who can't be honest.
People who think they are better than everyone else.

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