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Beautifully Made Graphics_We want to thank everyone for being such a BIG part of our tagging fam{ily}_THANK YOU

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Creative Lil Ass Biotches

We do not want NO drama in this group,simply keep it OUT of our group piont blank,If you have any issue's just email us and do so with resepct.Use your manners and remember this group is more then just tagging,we have known each other for years and years and do not tolerate no bullshit and we stick together,so lets have fun ladies.


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Whats up friends!!My name is Christy Lee aka Twisted Lee.
I am married to the best man in the world(Brad) We have 3 beautiful kids Jessie age 16,Harleigh age 14 & Brendan is 12,so I stay super busy.I owe alot to my girl jennifer aka sharky b/c she has always had my back,thanks sis!!!!
I am a C.N.A & Graphic Designer and love my life!
I live in sunny Florida born & raised here,i did move to N.C and i hated it. so i moved back home to Florida ;8} But once the weather is warm we stay so busy (which in fla is 10 months out of the year lmao)so bare with me ok,i will always make ur tags(unless i lose it which is rare) so remember i am a mom first so be nice. ;8} My hobbies are shopping,Beaching,Boating,anything to due with friends & water really,Fishing,Being Mom,Traveling,Concerts,Watching a good movie & simply being with my fam{ily} and i realllly LOVE MY ME TIME!!!OH yeah psp-ing(making tags) still got alot to learn tho.but ima getting there!
Favorite colors are purple & blue (together) and or green. I love all music,listen to alot of it depends on my mood really. Well back to tagging have a great day xo xo xo clee

My fabolous fam{ily}

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