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70 years old
Laguna Nigel, California
United States
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TV:Heroes, The 4400, House, Dr. Phil and all sci-fi.

Then of course, there is Homer... lol!

and can't forget Jerry...lol


Must start with favorite actor Nicolas Cage.

♥ All Nicholas Cage movies but favorite is National Treasure the first and second.

♥For Comedy - Analyze This, Death Becomes Her and What About Bob?

♥ For Classic Horror -
Play Misty For Me.

♥ Western type - City Slickers, Two Mules For Sister Sarah

♥ All time favorites include The Green Mile, Airplane and It's a Wonderful Life.

Me Simpsonized!

Simponsize yourself at... View Link Photobucket

I currently have over 800 songs on my iPod and I just started loading it up. I love American Idol, rock 'n roll, R&B, as well as new age music. Sometimes I even enjoy the crooners.


This is a spoof of a mental health hotline answering machine.

Hawaiian Flower

Book Shelf

I like to study Murray Bowen's theory. Anyone familiar with it please PM me and we can discuss.
(click link for more information)

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, movies, surfing the net, the theater, writing, art and, sailing when I get the opportunity.
This game will test your memory. The least amount of steps I have needed was 14. Can you bet my score?

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"I love life and think that growing older
is a privilege!"

I love art, dining, dancing and movies, as well as, traveling the great outdoors, camping, swimming and parasailing.

I am a "live and let live" type of person and my friends tell me I am easy to talk to. I love people and learning new things about life. I am single with a growing relationship with a man I meant on match.com. We have dated for over a year and a half and believe that our future is to be together.

I have two grown daughters that I am very close to and they have given me three wonderful grandchildren. It is my life's goal to stay close to the grandkids as they grow into adults.

Recently, I decided to go back to college and pursue Web Design & E-commerce. I will be attending as a full-time student for the next two years in order to earn my degree. That makes me currently a "freshman" who is a "senior" lol.

"I am a California native and love it here!" My parent's moved here from Bolivar, Missouri right before I was born.

I joined to make new friends.

Want to be friends?

Thanks for visiting!

My dog, Bubba! He just had his 9th Birthday. I will admit that I live with one very spoiled Jack Russell. He brings laughter to me everyday. I think as we grow older a pet can be a great companion and protector.

If you are a pet lover please...

Click Here and sign the petition - "Citizens for Pets in Condos."

Sweet Bubba

Bora Bora is the most beautiful place I've ever seen. All of French Polynesia is amazingly breath taking.

Negativity, unwilling to grow because of age, addictions.

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