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Trying to live life to the fullest!

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73 years old
Claremore/Tulsa, Oklahoma
United States
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Sci-Fi, and Action Movies are my first choice, but a good romance or mystery will work too. I have also enjoyed movies like Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, A movie does not have to be rated R or X to be good.

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New Age, classic and exotic music. I listen to talk radio also.


I love to read Genealogy books tracing ones roots to see where you originally came from. Sometimes you find that life can throw your ancestors curves through the Civil War and pioneer days. It is fascinating digging through past records and then verifying them. I don't always have time to read many other types of books but, Positive thinking or books on success, or self improvement I find interesting reading.


Camping (in a new 5th Wheel), fishing, lawn work and working with leather(sorry no whips or chains yet, but!) I also love nature.

Getting ready to live off of 20 acres I recently purchased.

I love animals and I am the past president of the Doberman Pinscher Club of Tulsa, as well as the past dog trainer for Doberman Rescue Club. I enjoy camping traveling and exploring in a motorhome. I enjoy long kisses and embraces with my partner. I also love to snuggle up, especially next to an open fire trying to keep warm.


Mature Women, pretty eyes, sexy voice, one who knows what she wants, and able to use her head. Not wishy washy with hidden secrets. Open minded enough that when new ideas are realized are able to change their Paradigm. Able to hold a conversation with a man about any subject matter. A woman that still appreciates a man doing things for them like opening doors, accepting compliments, flowers, etc. and does not feel offended. For some unknown reason, I am turned on by Vampire movies, tattoo's and Goth women!


shallow women who like to play mind games.
Dirty old men who believe cussing and talking down to women is cool.
Women who hate all men because of past experiences.
Arguing just to argue.
Bad tippers.

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