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"Rock 'n Roll Hussy"

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Washington, Georgia
United States
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Being There, The Rose, The Lord of the Rings, Sophie's Choice

All as long as it is good, real and comes from the soul of the musician not the soul of the record companies

The Alchemist, Dune, Gone with the Wind, Trapped in the Mirror, Jitterbug Perfume, Interview with the Vampire

Eating and sleeping -- no time for much else recreational that is not tied to the music. BTW the eating and sleeping sometimes have to be done on alternating days :-)

After all this time I have finally stopped and listened to my heart and done what I wanted to do because I felt it was right -- they can make you get old but they can't make you grow up -- perhaps I am de-maturing! I am 54 going on 21, love music, my farm, my animals and my independence.

My great realization is:
Good music is much like good sex and good drugs. . .
When you don't have it you convince yourself it is unimportant
But then you get a little and you spend the rest of your life chasing it!!

And good to my word I am chasing it as fast as I can. After dropping out of a 20+ year successful corporate career I have started an entertainment co-operative consisting of a label -- Bless Your Heart Music, LLC* and a project management and consulting business to help support and mentor the artist that are part of the co-operative and/or recording for Bless Your Heart Music -- The theme of all the music is Wits and Grits* -- Intelligent Music with a Drawl. Please visit at www.blessyourheartmusic.com and make Bless Your Heart Music a friend www.myspace.com/blessyourheartmusic.

Music, intelligence, animals and people who love them, body building

Taking yourself too seriously, dishonesty with yourself and with others -- live life honestly and fully and you will leave happy

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