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Nice Man Loves Attractive Women with Calm

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68 years old
Lahaina, Hawaii
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The Black Hole, Walt Disney, Dr. Zhivago, Farenheit 451, The Tow Towers, many with intrique, 007's, StartTrek Voyager, Starwars series, Cat Balou, Caddy Shack, Pet Detective on an on.

The Beatles are the Best. All others that can really sing and have nice rythem.

Not too many. I didn't want to be brain washed and join the mass hysteria like everybody else. I usually did more than I read about.
Lately it's been a few technical books and perodicals concerning Java and Computers.

Java Program Language, Electronics. I used to ride Motorcycles, Horses and Water Ski alot.

I'm just beginning to wake up. I still like the 50's, 60's and 70's. So much now is far too complicated.
For sometime now I've been laid up and it's real. If I could I would but I know just about exactly what I'm able to handle and that isn't very much so I plink but then that's something. Those that say well if you can do this then you should do that, are dreaming. Most of them talking aren't doing a whole lot either nor do they know much really about what I'm doing. I know though thier just spouting about that which they do not know.

Beautiful Women that are Extremely Attractive with Pretty Faces Shapely Figues and a Good Heart.There actually are some I know. Too bad I passed them for Women that had Attention Deficiet Disorder like I did and were hyper active as I was also. Now I want a Nice Mellow Beauty with a Brain and Common Sense, with a very easy going nature.

Controlling manipulative nosey people and gossips I can't stand. Bossy people I don't like either. Short sighted jealous people are real drag but there are so many so concerned with everybody else's affairs that I stay to myself out of shear rebellion. So many think they know what you should do that I think they should know what they should do and that being They Should Mind Thier Own BeesWax, Serious !!!!

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