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Creative, Musical Pacifist

mem_normal2 OFFLINE
65 years old
Louisville, Kentucky
United States
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THE SIXTH SENSE, a beautiful mind, mass appeal, the original stepford wives, days of wine and roses, the boost, the doors, the rose, mississippi burning, lord of the flies (both versions), american history x, one flew over the cuckoo's nest, less than zero, what's eating gilbert grape.

lotsa rock-based stuff including: motograter, linkin park, ryan cabrera, greg raposo, sinisstar, green day, the beatles, the monkees, adam richman, the finals, my new great finds in Louisville, KY: the pine club (can't wait to see them live) and the merediths (already have seen them live!), pop, alternative, oldies, classic rock, pop/punk, metal.

who moved my cheese?, the strawberry statement, the eden express, lord of the flies, home before morning, weird NJ, who's your fave rave?, oh the places you'll go! by dr. seuss, the sneetches and other stories by dr. seuss, the shaking of the foundations by paul tillich, people of the lie, johnny got his gun, the road less traveled, bart simpson's guide to life.

Creating/Listening to rock-based music, reading pop/rock music mags, dining out with friends, my big 25-pound cat named Zandar, surfing the net, creating and pimping web pages.

** Just got to Louisville 5 Months ago! :-) I used to live in Seaside Park, NJ! **

About me: Poet/musician, Pacifist, Compassionate, Intense, Artistic, Good sense of humor, Love my cat, Live in The Highlands in Louisville, KY, M.A. in psychology, Enjoy rock-based music, Never quite let go of that tom-boy persona. http://hometown.aol.com/courage2b/C2B.html

A good conversation based on progressive theology, guys with guitars, guys with long hair.

Arrogance, Arch-Conservativism, Born-Againism, Tailgaters, Green Peppers, George W. Bush, War.

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