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69 years old
Austintown, Ohio
United States
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I love movies of all kinds...my tastes are quite eclectic. Of course the classic "chick flick" like Pretty Woman, and The Notebook.I am addicted to things that go "bump in the night"...and love scary movies.......Mysteries and drama also peak my interest........Human interest stories such as Hotel Rowanda,Rent, Brokback Mountain....as I said I am openminded and can find a message in even the most controversial piece. Lord of the Rings, The Matrix Triolgy, along with the Blade Trilogy are all time favorites.....

My musical tastes run the gamunt from opera..(Phantom of the Opera).....70's oldies......punk,heavy metal.....new age and even some rap..........Some favorites are Evanesence,HIM,Disturbed,Bon Jovi, Aerosmith,Pat Benetar,Stevie Knicks,The Beatles,and am an avid country music fan also........favorites there being Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Rascal Flats,Keith Urban, Brooks & Dunn...among many!!!

Peaceful Easy Feeling
By Eagles

I am an avid reader....enjoying a wide variety of subjects. I tend to favour the Horror genre....but also enjoy romance novels...Some of my favorite authors are.......Stephan King,Anne Rice,Tami Hoag,Dean Koontz,and true life stories...biographies and studies of real life criminals...I like to see what makes "people tick"

Music..listening....and above all singing....Been in many groups in my life and have traveled doing it I adore my family and time spent with them is a solace to me.I love taking and displaying pictures........scrapbooking is one way I unwind.
of course there is the computer.....being creative online is quite fun!!! Nature in all its glory is to be savored.......Oh yes I love rollar coasters too!!

.....I am a kind,caring,sensitve woman with a world of love to give,,,,unconditonally to someone who values those precious gifts and can return them in kind! I have been hurt deeply in life (who hasnt at this age)...but still believe in the adage "There is good in everyone".My work is emotional and physically demanding...I would want someone to understand and let me unwind.....be willing to recieve AND give love 100%. Realize that love encompasses not only how a person looks, but how their heart and soul is as well. Life is be lived a day at a time...savoring each every moment, both large and small......Carpe Diem-seize the day!!!

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...Music is my biggest passion. Starting my "singing" career at the ripe age of 5 in church, I have had music in my blood all my life.
I enjoy reading and am a writer myself. Movies of all kinds entertain and enlighten me.I admire honesty,tenderness,affection,loyalty,passion and humor in a man. He must NOT be afraid to say how he feels ....or show it!! Family is extremely important.......Mine are the "wings beneath my wings"

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Men who think women belong in kitchen barefoot and ignorant.I detest people who hate....I am open minded and leave the judgements in life to the "guy upstairs" Men who think lightly of love and committment and cannot resist the temptation of "greener grass" look elsewhere- "Been there-done that! " You must be open minded and ready for new things. Life is to be lived....full throttle...if youre stuck in a rut as a couch potatoe......move on by!!!! Also a man who cant laugh or find the humour in life is missing all the joy life can bring

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