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01/15/2020 04:33:54

Wednesday is here and the week is going fast.  Colder and maybe some snow later.  No plans to go out today and plenty of food cooked up ahead.  Hugs and smiles..., Barbara  :-))

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01/14/2020 23:39:10

So tired, but fell asleep and woke up in a couple hours.  Does getting old cause this?  Don't like it one bit.    Hugs and smiles..., Barbara  :-))

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01/14/2020 06:21:44

Wishing you a good Tuesday..!

   Hugs and smiles..., Barbara  :-))

01/13/2020 11:00:50

Cloudy and another cold day.  No snow predicted for today, but a big storm coming near the weekend for my area too.  I think I'll take a ride over to the store just to get out.  The streets have been cleared off pretty good.

Hugs and smiles..., Barbara  :-))

01/12/2020 15:52:20

Happy, but cold and snowy Sunday.  Well, the snow is done, but it sure came down last night.  Thank god it wasn't a lot, but the winds were on the heavy side.  All done for now.  Nice to look at, but not going out in it.  it rained first, so there could be ice underneath.  Better safe than sorry..!

Hugs, and smiles..., Barbara  :-))

The plows are always out early..

01/11/2020 14:05:08

Rain turned to snow, but so far not much.  I love to watch it and find it pretty to look at, but that's about it.  The birds and squirrels seem to really enjoy it.  Still more to come.

Hugs, smiles...., Barbara  :-))

01/10/2020 20:43:07

Only raining now, but will look more like this by morning.  I do love the looks of it, but plan on staying in.  Made sure I have enough food to eat and plenty of desserts to eat too.

Hugs, smile and God bless..., Barbara  :-))

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01/10/2020 04:14:17

Good Friday morning.  Weather is good for now, but tonight is when the big change comes.  First rain, changing to snow and all day Saturday too.  Have a lace meeting to go to Saturday and getting picked up,

so maybe I can do.  I have trouble walking in snow if it gets deep.  Time will tell.

Hugs, smile and God bless..., Barbara  :-))

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