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38 years old
United Arab Emirates
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My Name is,Katrina Ayeesha and, I go by,Willow, I'm 30 year old a girl just making it through life one day at a time. I live in,Usa & India for health reason's.. I love it here because their is so much to do and see and the country is beautiful.Only one can see this threw their eye's..Innocent, Shy & Pure is my middle name. Ok, here's what you need 2 know. I'm opinionated and I'm random. And when I dream, I dream, Family life.
I have a. Associate's Special Degree-2 in, English language..
I've learned to appreciate ANY/ALL persons with any appreciable degree of intellect.
I'm a person who annoys the sh!!t out of myself but love my friends to death.
I have 1 brother who drive's me crazy but, I cant help but to love him....
I have many cuz but 1 special beautiful cuz that, I love the most with my heart..
I devote the most time include reading, writing, dancing, singing, playing the mandolin.
There's a lot wrong with me. Question is, what's wrong with YOU? Let's find out, yes?
I'm basically a calm and relaxed kinda person trying to do it all with no regrets.
Life throws out a lot of crap and the only thing that is certain in life is uncertainty.
We never know what is coming up next. Therefore, live each day like it is your last and
let those who are important to you know that they are! Personally I would like to live
forever and would gladly tell whatever is out there to hold off on taking me as there is
so much to do! If I were to recommend anything to anyone in life, I would tell them to be
ambitious and look forward to soaring to new heights. Life is about achievement and reaching
self actualization. Keep fighting and never give up. Always take the moral high ground and be
honest with yourself and others. Lies always have a way of coming back and biting you in the azz. That all said,
I don't always take my advice and there are things, I would love to go back home but right now to be with my fiance and future husband, Haroon Ajmil but right now it's not possable.
I am human and we are all entitled to our mistakes (hopefully learn from them) in the journey we call life.
Never think of life as a destination. Country: ?
Occupation: Being me, USA Home? Im entirely, ALLERGIC to BULLSH!!T... So if you are here to spread it take it and spread it all over somewhere else not in my tag account.. Laterzzzz.

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