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You'll find our interests in movies on our individual
pages, when we do them.
Like most couples, they sometimes clash.
Our interest in movies are absolutely the same....as long as he agrees with me. He is more into blood and decapitation and I am more into love and comedy, we both agree American Beauty is one heck of a great movie.
Ernie: Nah. I like atmospheric stuff. A long list.

Ditto. I (Ernie) have an unusual interest in Paul
McCartney, which can be frightening.

I(wendy) love most all types of music, he(ernie) has an unusual interest in Paul McCartney, which can be frightening.

Ditto (we dig books).

Yep yep yep

Wendy is a delightful writer with a very breezy and delicious style. I absolutely endorse her always funny, insightful and very sweet blogs.

She is a country girl & I am a city boy, which often results
in a very comical clash of vision.

I've never met a more beautiful woman.

I'll let her tell you anything else she might care to.

I like guitars and making love to Wendy, not necessarily in that order.
I occasionally post my writing as a blog, though I write way more than I post.

Favorite subjects are insanity and life on Earth.
Strangely, it contains several
obituaries. But they're fun.
Should you care to, you can find it at Wordpress.
Ask for the link and you just might get it.
I have an unusual interest in Paul McCartney,which you may find obsessive.

Wendy: Ernie is an amazing writer. I could spend hours reading and rereading what he has written. Believe me I know. I have done nothing but read his writing for 2 years now and have loved every second of it. He is intelligent, deep and has a biting wit, that keeps me on my toes.
I have never met a more amazing man.

In case he hasn't mentioned it...he has an unusual interest in Paul McCartney, which you may find obsessive...just thought I should let you know.

I like the one where this weird Japanese guy in a striped suit yells in people's ear as they walk by.

I never get tired of Paul McCartney videos, which
you may find strange.

Not sure Wendy pays much attention to such things,
but she may prove me wrong when she adds to this.

And smut. Sometimes I like smut.

Don't really have lots of time for videos, but I like the funny ones, the music ones and smut sometimes.

Mine is to take Wendy to San Francisco (my favorite place) and make love on the Bay Bridge (I'll bring pillows to avoid road rash). Or maybe in a nice hotel. We'll play it by ear.
To actually have a whole night alone with Ernie. Without worrying about kids or parents or anything except US!

We are potential MySpace defectors.
The new format seemed quite prepared to give us cancer.
(Update: We both have individual pages now.
This in no way means Wendy is available.)

Please know we don't play animated farm animal
APP-type games (don't even know if this place
has 'em, but if it does, we don't).

We wont ask you what kind of drink you are, or
which Michael Jackson dance move you might be.
We like books, music, writing, and people with
something to say (and we don't speak text-
well, she can 'cause she has kids, but he refuses
to learn).
We ain't vampires or magic flying elf fans, but don't mind if you are.
Wendy likes Froot Loops, Ernie likes pasta.
We both may be barefoot at any time.
Ernie has an unusual interest in Paul McCartney that he does not
apologize for.

We met two years ago on MySpace, through our beautiful friend Dez.

After several weeks of pretending we were casual acquaintances,
we both admitted something else was
going on, something much bigger.
A little while later, it was clear we had fallen in love.
An incredible series of bizarre events followed, and some hundred
thousand letters later, we finally pulled off a clumsy and difficult relocation
to be together.
We met face to face for the first time a month ago. It has been beautiful,
crazy, trying, painful, amazing and a universe beyond worth it.
Both of us have had relationships in the past (and neither of us
had any interest whatsoever in a new one),
and both of us are completely certain this is a new experience.
If you aren't sure the kind of love in song and story is actually real,
take it from us: it is.

What he said, doubled.

Ernie: Wendy, music, writing (mine or someone else's), photography.
I have an unusual interest
in Paul McCartney, which you may find curious.

Wendy: Ernie, writing, reading, music, my kids, pink & blue cotton
candy skies and wild flowers. Mainly though a man who has an unusual interest
in Paul McCartney, which some may find curious.

Ernie: Arm wrestling, anything that can even be slightly related to rap music,
terminal diseases.

Mean people, stupid people, school fund raisers, liver and bill collectors.

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