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02/15/2021 17:32:51

We are getting slammed here, in Evansville, In....where i live.  So far, we have 4 inches of snow on the ground, with a Winter Storm Warning in effect until 6 a.m. Tuesday morning. The make thing worse, there is another winter storm headed out way on Wednesday.  Hope you are staying safe.   (Dave)

02/13/2021 11:49:16

Just wanted to let you know what's going here, where i live.  We have two winter storms headed towards the tri-state area.  The first storm is going to hit us late Sunday night.  Bringing with it 5-10 inches of snow.  The second storm is expected the get here Wednesday, into Thursday morning.  We're still dealing with the ice storm we got the day before yesterday.  The good thing is, both these winter storms will be heading towards the east coast after we get slammed.  Stay safe and warm.  (Dave)

01/24/2021 00:13:53

Sure doesn't seem like winter at all.  We here in southern indiana only had a trace of snow.  Now, the days are starting to get longer, pretty soon it will be spring again.  Stay safe. ( Dave)

01/06/2021 19:32:03

Hi, i wanted to let you know what's been going on with me lately.  I went to the V.A. to see the Ortho Specailist.  My x-rays shows that both knees are end stage.....they can't get damaged any more than they are.  My right knee joint shows it is covered with bone spurs and is rough and jagged; instead of being curved and smooth. Also, my right calf bone is tilted inwards because of loss of cartiledge in the joint.  The doctor tried to straighten out my leg, which in turn caused me severe pain.  He said that he does not want to put me through double knee replacement surgery, becaue my blood sugar needs to be back down to normal. Then there's the very high risk of me getting an infection in both knees, not too mention the blood loss.  The surgery it's self, is about six hours long too; and he said that would be hard on my heart.  So, i came home yesterday, ate some supper and went back to bed to get some rest.  I just got up today...1/6/2021, around 6:30 p.m.  My knee injuries are a result of an vehicle accident i had in 1979.  What so ever you do in this body as a young person, will come back to get you when you get older.  Hopefully i will be able to send out comments soon.  Stay safe and warm.  ( Dave) 

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