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Do not weep when you walk through the valley for the top of the hill is where you will find your strength.

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Gone With the Wind..my all time favorite!!!

Pretty much anything except heavy metal and classical.

The Bible, The Five People You Meet In Heaven....anything by Mitch Albom


I love any video that has Alayna, Zane, Mason, Beth, Chad.......all my family......just love em!!!! But my favorite all time video is of my baby girl Amber. She died just a few weeks after the video was made and it was before video cameras were really popular so it is the only "moving" pictures I have of her. A treasure that cannot be replaced.

Go back to Tuweep, go to Cancun and Cozemel, see Mt Rushmore, go to New York, visit as many of the national parks as possible, see Niagra Falls, take a cruise to Alaska, see the "movie,tv" sets in Hollywood, take a trip, including a trail ride to a dude ranch, visit Amish country, go to the Mutter Museum in PA (medical oddities).....too many to mention!!!!! I better get busy!!!!

I'm the proud wife of Pete Mason and mom to God's angel, Amber Nicole Mason 07/02/85-10/23/85, Scott E. Mason 05/08/86, Jordan M. Mason 02/12/87 and Noel J. Mason 03/22/88. Nanny to Alayna B. Mason and Zane A. Welch and Mimi 2 to Mason C. Grindstaff. I cherish time with family and if I can't be doing that, then next on the list is traveling!!!!!

Time with my family, my church, and my four furry babies.....all dogs, 40 lb Belle the mutt, 30 lb Sadie the pug, 10 lb Polly the poodle and 4 lb BJ, an Aztec Chihuahua.....he was my mom's little heartbeat.

Liars, cheaters, people that live in this country and won't learn the language, and foreigners that think everything ought to be handed to them for free and people that constanly gripe about the USA.......if ya don't like it, it ain't called the Land of the Free for Nothing!!!! GET OUT!!!!!!

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