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The Godfather,Rocky,Jaws just to name a few I love romance movies as well ....T.V.I would rather listen to music but I do watch Health,history and Discovery channels.... Series to name a few ..CSI,Greys anatomy,Dr.G,Dog the bounty hunter,The deadlist catch and 1000 ways to die ( some really not so smart ppl out there,well they aren`t here anymore ..geeze.

Classic rock,oldies and country

No time to read but would love to publish one some day ..Maybe a story about how lucky we were to finally meet eachother ;) Sports wasnt mentioned

Please don`t laugh ha ...Two things I love to do is cook and clean :) Fishing ,I even bait my own hook :) Baseball and hockey. the Mets yeah they can suck but once a Met fan always one.The islanders and the Devils.Watch football but only cause of them hot tight uniforms;) You watch games no problem I will just serve you and your friends munchies and beer with a smile;)

What`s a bucket list ????

♥~~ GAZING AT THE STARS ~~♥ Wondering where you are.if you like what I say I`m easy to find.Lets help each other and find one another.I`m a real simple gal ....lets go to beach with a cup of coffee and great conversation which is a must.You say a beer or glass of wine its fine with me . Still here???? I will tell you more.Candles ,music,kissing and cuddling,if chemistry need I say more?Walks on the beach,long car rides to nowhere just you and I. Camping ,boating ,fishing,baseball games and walks in NYC.Simple things in life....A phone call just to say hi and thinking of you and how is your day going? Cooking a meal for two and looking into each others eyes,longing for dessert ;)...Like I said in beginning conversation is must,lets get to know one another. Storms....Snow ,rain sleet or hail lets stay indoors and ride it out together or go outside and play like kids again.........P.S. I CAN TELL YOU ONE THING MY PERFECT MATCH (WOULD NOT ) BE SOMEONE WITH UNKNOWN STATUS !!!!!

Hmmmmm ...Sexual ones or in General ???? ha

Liars and cheaters and fakes !!!!!

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