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This Place is for the birds!

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playing peek-a-boo,my beloved cartoons esp disney,singing,dancing,playing pretend with my mirror,cuddling in my man pets hand,its so warm.He lets me walk on his head too!I like to yell loud everyonce in a while.Digging in the seed bowl to see what I might have misse dand then slinging the bowl around.



I am a grey cheeked conure.I have been with my humans since I was 5 weeks old.I could speak human then but I could only say "good morning"which was enough to make her fall off her chair.I quickly learned speech.I also sing and dance.I like to strut back and forth when I get attention.I like to try new and exotic tastes,especiallly fruits,nuts,just about anything.I have a quick mind,am well adjusted,easily amused and love music!I love my humans,they all like me too.We go way back,Im family and I like that.Oh I love christmas too,I always know its coming,they start singing those songs and I chirp right along.I guess Im bored so I thought maybe you guys would maybe like a birds eyeview of things.

Oh my so many.I like to eat and I mean jussssst about anything my humans eat especially potato chips with cartoons.I like this one loverboy that likes to perch outside the window there while I have my morning seeds and fruit.I say to him"whatchuu doin baby?"I dont think he can speak yet.I learned quick.
I love it when my susie rolls me back to her room so I can see all outside her windows and watch the animals.I havent after all these years gotten her trained as I'd like but shes alright.I like all kinds of people too and critters.

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feeling threatened,sudden loud noises,vaccum cleaners give me nightmares.Anything black like remote controls...Im shakin

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