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75 years old
Seattle, Washington
United States
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I love the old classics. Any with Claudette Colbert are always good. I also loved Driving Miss Daisy. I love the ones that touch the heart. I don't like any with violence! I have seen enough of that in my life and I try to avoid it now.

Way too many to mention!

Any by Janet Evanovich.

Computers, painting, writing.

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I am 59 years young. Where did I get the name of my site, you might ask. Well, my granddaughter gave it to me. I hope it is a good thing! hehehehe I live in beautiful Seattle, WA. I love to laugh and dance and have fun as much as I can. I travel alot in the summer with my husband. We have been all over the US and love nearly every state. I grew up in VA for all of my teen years so I am a redneck city girl! I can't help it! I love my RC Colas with peanuts and my chiquapins and good ol' southern cooking! I love to help people when I can. I am amazed at how many rude people there are in the world today. I wonder what ever happened to manners. I am not perfect but I do make every effort to be kind and polite. I have lots of friends and hope to add alot more! Have a beautiful day!

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Woman of Strength
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Intelligence, a REAL find at a flea market or yard sale, the ocean, fireplace, hot tub for two, jewelry.
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This is some of the pictures I have taken!

Rudeness, insane drivers, cell phone drivers, grossness, liars.

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“Birthdays are a new start, 

a fresh beginning and a time to pursue 

new endeavors with new goals. 

Move forward with confidence and courage. 

You are a very special person. 

May today and all of your days be amazing!”

Happy Birthday!!

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