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71 years old
Providence, Rhode Island
United States
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E.T. is my all time favorite. I must have seen it a hundred times. I still cry at the end... another tear jerker is 'Terms of Endearment', & lets not forget 'Beaches', I like really wide variety of movies from action adventure to sci-fi, drama, love a good mystery, just saw the Da Vinci Code - now I have to read the book!

My favorite artists are the Eagles, Jimmy Buffet, Bob Marley, Stevie Ray Vaughn. I listen to classic rock, Blues is my Favorite!, some jazz, island music (steel drums), love reggae......

Gone With the Wind is my favorite novel. I read it when I was 13. I read alot of Stephen King, I last read 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven', I'm currently reading 'Emotional Intelligence', next up is 'The DaVinci Code' & 'Wicked'....

My dog Abby, home improvement (more of a necessity than a hobby), my garden, photography, travel, movies, spending time with family and friends doing whatever....

I enjoy life on my terms. I do what I want when I want and travel where I want. I've raised my kids - well my baby is 17 and graduating H.S. next year. I'm widowed less than two years. I went back to school in my late 30's and got a degree in photography - worked as a professional photographer and photojournalist. I only shoot for myself now. I'm working (slowly) on putting together a show of my work. I'm a professional woman. Strictly 9-5 M thru F now. I like having my weekends to do whatever it is I want to do. I've always thought of myself as a misplaced writer with aspirations of writing a series of children's books........

Riding on the back of a MC, the tropics, margaritas, Music by the Eagles, a great bottle of chardonnay, expresso, intelligent, kind, loving, generous people, the ocean, moonlight reflecting on the water, slow dancing, a good sense of humor, hammocks, a quick smile, a familiar soul.....

Rudeness, smugness, bad hygiene, pierced body parts (other than ears), mulletts, ignorance, arrogance, animal haters, big guys in little sports cars......

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