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Makin Friends and Taken Names. 😉😉

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60 years old
Wade, North Carolina
United States
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The Borne Series, Any John Wayne film, Any Clint Eastwood Movie, and a lot more that I can't think of right now. Let's say I am a movie buff.

I like a wide range of music from Alan Jackson to Mozart, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Beatles, and on and on.

Drums, technology, reading.

Well, Lets see I normally don't like talking about myself so most of these profiles online of mine are short and sweet.
I've been married for 26 years am a father of four young adults
I currently have one grand-baby a little 3 year old boy and another on the way.

I'm a independent self employed insurance broker that specializes in helping our generation prepare for retirement.
I got into this business back in June 2001 because my mother
Was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Mom didn't have a lot of money her Medical & Medicine bills took what little Social Security money she received. From 1998-April 2001 I researched and researched trying to find her some assistants, to no avail. So after talking to what felt like hundreds of physicians, insurance agents, counselors with no luck finding her help. I decided to become a agent so I could help people that were facing the same problems as Mom was back then.
Mom passed away while I was in insurance school and fee days passed her 74th birthday.
Once I received my license I studied and researched harder than ever before. After a few months past since Mom passed I came upon a website that was just starting - it was right when the "Dot-Com" boom blew up called "Needymeds.com".
They had put together the site with information about how the pharmaceutical companies had "patient assistance programs"
This was great!!! The site gave me a lot of instructions and what was necessary to help folks. So I used their information to help folks who were having rough times trying to get the care they needed to live and the medications that helped them live. So now as then I work with and specialize in helping boomers and America's "Greatest Generation" out together common sense protection so that they can live and protect their retirement and enjoy whats important to them.

Well, I think I've said a mouth full - don't you? 😉😉
Thank you everyone here on "MyBoomerPlace" that have welcome me aboard. If I can answer any questions or help you in any way please just ask. May God bless each of you who reads this and may he continue to bless the USA.

God, Family, Guts and Freedom.
Football, Guns, Horses, Music and the Drums.

Snooty uppity people that talk all the time.
Government interfering in people's lives tracking it's citizens, spying on us citizens.

I believe that "We the people of the USA" need to vote out every career politician holding office in D.C. Today. Clean house! Replace them with folks who aren't Lawyers and professional Pols. Install common sense people to run this Great Nation that will reduce Government. Balance the budget, make the US Armed Forces once again the most powerful military might on the planet. Pass term limits, and every government office or facility that's not essential get rid of it.

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