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11/19/2020 21:23:37

Crisp brilliant red and deep warm brown

They burn my soul without a sound

Groves of Aspens burning bright

Giving off a warm Autumn's light

Sending warmth into my heart

Glowing memories for winter's start..Love & Hugs~Richard

eyes full of autumn sky

11/11/2020 18:57:30

You looked at me when no one would
You smiled at me when no one could
Life went by, yet we stood still
Holding me with your gaze your will
I want to know everything you think
The feelings behind every smile and wink
I long to hear your resounding laugh and playful touch as you smile back
I need to feel your hand in mine holding me close not just to pass the time,
But because you can and want to know why you find you can’t let go
Now you smile at me every time we pass
I stop and wave, walk away and laugh
A smile plays across your lips,
As if you long to know what it’d be like to kiss
I wait for you, just to you pass
And every time I think
Maybe one day with you I can speak..Love & Hugs~Richard

Annabel Lee





11/10/2020 20:28:43

There is always someone there
Even when it's dark
There is always someone there
Who will ignite your spark

You're never alone
Even in the dark
You're never alone
Not even in your heart..Love & Hugs~Richard

lighting up the night sky 2





11/01/2020 10:59:56

“Birthdays are a new start, 

a fresh beginning and a time to pursue 

new endeavors with new goals. 

Move forward with confidence and courage. 

You are a very special person. 

May today and all of your days be amazing!”

Happy Birthday!!

11/01/2020 08:57:49


10/24/2020 18:13:21

When you walk by I get butterflies,
when you stop the fire in my heart lights.
When you walk away the fire fades,
and I'm left inside the dark.
Why does it have to be this way?
Why must it be so hard?
To tell you how I feel,
and not worry about the fall.
I can feel it in my heart,
noone sees it in my eyes.
This so called life is a new thing,
it just doesn't feel right.
That thinking about you,
keeps me up half the night.
I realise this may not last,
I know it might be true.
But how will I be able to tell,
until I can break through..Love & Hugs~richard.






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