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10/14/2021 19:38:19

so magical that we will be,

Together forever for eternity,

Your love so strong it can let me see,

The wonderful dreams of being free,

Hear the bells that constantly ring,

Heaven and Earth above everything,

The passion of joy we all come to cling,

Setting us free like the light of Spring..Love & Hugs~Richard

10/10/2021 18:54:44

'A moment of simple
Being here with
A special moment
A private moment
I tell you that I love you
And you kiss me
Sweet and soft
Like a kiss from the
Whispering lines of devotion against my skin
And you are my sunflower
A corporeal star blooming
From the earth
Brimming with life
Making my blood course and my heart
Speed up
As I smell your sweet scent
And take you in
You are a beacon of beauty
Splashing color onto my dreary
My sunflower
Growing through cracks on concrete
Bright yellow upon gray, like
A sunbeam through smog
And everything else fades
Into foggy insubstantiality
And all that’s left of the world
Is you
And me
Sharing this simple happiness'.Love & Hugs~Richard





10/09/2021 23:28:26

we first kissed in the chapel

of a bookshop where we'd never met,

only dreamed.

sometimes things you aren't sure you've actually seen

show up on old films you develop

a year after you sober up.

sometimes we dream of connections and the strange relief

of losing everything

then awaken to search for the same.

sometimes i can't put my finger on it, still i know it's there:

a tiny spark that might dissolve like a dream,

or become brushstrokes on an unfinished canvas.

we first met in another bookshop.

i don't remember the words we said then,

only what i dreamed..Love & Hugs~Richard

10/06/2021 21:28:31

xquisite taste of pure satisfaction

leaves my lips to influence another's

The luscious and ample gift is returned

and with it comes an intense desire to become one

A breath of life that is not often received

has been injected into our hearts

...we both serenely stare into the others soul

It's nice to be wanted...

It's nice to be loved...

It's nice to be sought after...Love & Hugs~Richard

10/05/2021 11:06:13

h passing year more and more paintings turn into phantom-mementos of those no longer with us;

the only proof of their existence, remaining inside my heart. Every single one of them is

- being missed -

Your soul is not a delicate flower, a plaything amongst the elements. No, you are the oak at the forest's heart:

Bold, strong, wiser than all who come before it and a source of love and life for all; a force of nature with an iron

- will -

A whirlwind of madness is what the world has come to. Or has it always been this way?

And were we merely too preoccupied to notice? - Either way, amidst the raging insanity all I can think of is

- you -

A galaxy of words and thoughts we shared, yet what remained unsaid was a universe unto its own.

I long for the kindness of your words and the gentleness of your unheard voice, but the way back is yours to

- find -

Not a day goes by without a torrent of questions pouring into my mind: Where are you? Why did you leave? What can I do?

But ultimately, what I ponder most, is what made you lose your

- your way -

Remember our promise, my dear, remember it well - for it still holds true:

Did we not promise to stick together? Did we not promise to have each other's

- back? - Love & Hugs~Richard

10/02/2021 10:07:46

can always describe my feelings,

Music is that thing what me inspires,

Emotions are sometimes many big things,

Inside me a heat that stoked up some fires,

Many words I find in the back of my mind,

Thinking about the years I leave now behind,

Wondering if you ever still think about me,

Wondering if you know things are meant to be,

Asking myself many times the reasons 'why?'

I miss you today and wanna cry,

I think the reason why you was special to me,

Is that one answer that I now finally can see,

People stay and sometimes people go,

Life knows high and life knows low,

That is a thing that can make us also grow,

I wanna move forward but I want going slow,

I know now why missing you somehow still hurts,

I know now why I can't find for that perfect words,

Because in life there is such a thing called 'time',

If I really do miss you I write for you just another rhyme..Love & Hugs~Richard

09/30/2021 16:20:09

my pumpkin juice, an evening by the fire

senses stretched to reach the night

warm sweater, soft wool, calming my frozen skin

cat's purring like a breeze of chocolate wind

cinnamon girl, covered in sprinkles of peace

there will be time for spells and magic

for kindling and roaring flames

for light within the darkness and darkness within the light

now, twilight drinks vanilla from my closed eyes for the Autumn..Love & Hugs~Richard

09/26/2021 19:35:22

The scent of pines

And sounds of pigeons high above

All she ever wishes for

Was to spend some time

All she ever wanted

Was to feel their presence

To be part of nature

That seemed to care for all around

Alone, alone,

She was so alone

Captivated by all shadows

Mystified by secrets of the night

Out there, she though

Wonder of the stars would greet her

One day

If she just woke up enough times

Vigilant, behind transparent bars


She only let the air caress her

When her hair was thin and frail


For all was marked as danger

By those who sought control

By the ones who’d keep her silent

So alone, she used to whisper

Tales of freedom, bravery and joy

To the stuffed animals


She’d protect them

Then she could protect herself

And her skin is harder now

Her face grown older and stone cold

And her hands are now my hands

Her dreams

Haunt my every waking moment

Alone, alone,

I’m forever alone

With fear that circulates my mind

Walls keep safe my inner darkness

Alone, I still stroll through the night

Seeking that wonder


Chasing starlight among thick clouds..Love & Hugs~Richard

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