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10/24/2020 18:13:21

When you walk by I get butterflies,
when you stop the fire in my heart lights.
When you walk away the fire fades,
and I'm left inside the dark.
Why does it have to be this way?
Why must it be so hard?
To tell you how I feel,
and not worry about the fall.
I can feel it in my heart,
noone sees it in my eyes.
This so called life is a new thing,
it just doesn't feel right.
That thinking about you,
keeps me up half the night.
I realise this may not last,
I know it might be true.
But how will I be able to tell,
until I can break through..Love & Hugs~richard.






10/10/2020 19:01:17

Love her. Love her like a fish loves
    the sea or a bird loves the sky. Love
    her in the way that your heart feels like
    it's going to burst at any moment every
    time it beats. Love her skin and the way
    it feels against your own, soft and warm
    and utterly flawless. Love her for the way
    her voice trembles when she can't keep it
    together anymore and love her when she
    holds onto you as if you were the only
    thing that was keeping her alive..Love & Hugs~Richard





09/27/2020 21:13:55

It's not just some song,
It has no language, no sound or sight.
A romantic burns true love
Melts it down until it's unknown,
A blinded lover can write beauty on paper,
Marked in ink is a story about your looks,
Your hair, your eyes, your sweetening smile,
How everything falls into place,
How the light becomes lighter with you in mind,
When the world darkens and your face shines..Love & Hugs~Richard

The Last Kiss


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