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I just wanna make friends

mem_normal2 OFFLINE
68 years old
warner robins, Georgia
United States
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Steele Magnolias,Titanic,Tom Hanks films,Gone with the wind,Space Cowboys,Romantic comedy films,
some horror films,all Stephen King films

country,bluegrass,oldies basically all differnt types but i really don't care for opera music.
I really love 50's and 60's music

Stephen King,Dean Koonz,Danille Steele are a few of the authors I enjoy

Karaoke,reading,playinig trivia with my friends on line,and attempting craft projects ( not very good at it but enjoy trying

I'm a very happy person.I have a great hubby a beautiful daughter and 2 grandchildren that I adore.I love to laugh,sing and dance.I don't care for people who live their lives in drama and have poor poor.pitful me additudes.I like down to earth people!!!! I don't let anybody mess up my day.I love my country and have the uttmost respect for our men and women in the military.I stand behind them 100%.Without them and the sacrifices they make we would all be in BIG T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!!!!I stand up for what I believe and don't back down.I don't judge people according to what others say,I form my own opinions by what "I SEE".I've had lifes little up's and downs and grew from them,after all LIFE IS A LIKE BOX OF CHOCOLATES!!!!If you would like to message me I would love to hear from you.I've met some nice people here on my space I think it's a great way to make new friends. The song "MY WAY" is me in a nutshell.My age is listed wrong I am 55 not 52.

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Happy smiling people,music,good books

people who have to have drama in their lives all the time,two-faced people,sauerkraurt,animal abusers,and peoople who use other people

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