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My all time favorite movie is Dirty Dancing (R.I.P Patrick Swayze). I love the movie Elf too. I like comedies, love stories and scray movies as well as a good drama.

I love all kinds of music but some of my favorties are Macy Grey, Stevie Nicks, Mary J. Blige, Elliott Yamin, Luther Vandross, Bret Michaels, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Antebellum, Maroon 5, Jordin Sparks,Keith Sweat and so many more. There are just so many great artists out there that I can't name them all.


I am a SAHM and have 2 smart, beautiful daughters. My oldest, Sasha, is 17 and just entered the 12th grade. My youngest, Rhianna, just turned 12 and just entered the 6th grade. Both of them have their own unique gifts and styles which make me so proud of them both. Sasha has the desire to enter into the medical field and this has always been a dream of hers since she was a little girl. Rhianna loves to sing and anything that has to do with music. She's in choral ensemble and recieved her first electric guitar this past Christmas. She needs lessons but they are very expensive but hopefully some day. She loves playing rock band on their ps2 and is always singing in the shower. She has hopes of being on American Idol one day. I hope that they can both fulfill their dreams and that they never give up hope. I love tags so I've decided to try making some myself to share with all of you. I started getting into tag making in December of 2008. Shortly after that I started getting into scrap pages as well as making stuff with graphics and tubes that I've purchased. Please remember that some of the graphics I use I have found online from just googling. Some are mine, some I've purchased and some I've created. I use many scrap kits that I've purchased or have gotten for free from some wonderful, creative makers. I have a blog that lists many of the sites that I use. Feel free to check it out and to post any that you may know of. If any graphic, tag, etc. belongs to you then please let me know as I am not a thief and will gladly give credit when and where it is due. If you enjoy my work please do share me with your family and friends. Please note that ALL of my offers are FREE but once they've retired I do ask for a very small donation if you want to request any of the retired offers. If you ever need me please feel free to drop me an email or comment. You're best to find me is in the later daytime or evenings into early morning hours as I am a night owl. Feel free to IM me if you see me online. Thank you. We recently got a dog and his name is Bear. He just turned a year old on September 20, 2009. He's a great dog and he loves us as much as we love him. I love cats and have 4 of my own. Cats are so cuddly and fluffy but sadly they don't all like to stay indoors and we've lost a few to vehicles. I got involved with cat rescue, in and around my neighborhood, several years ago and began trapping for the TNR program. It became overwhelming as I didn't have much help so sadly I gave it up. Get involved in your area, if you can, and please remember to vaccinate against rabies and spay or neuter your pets. They need for us to care.

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