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Any Friends Out There

mem_normal2 OFFLINE
67 years old
Florida Keys, Florida
United States
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I like movies Im just to busy living life to sit down to watch any

My favorite band of all time is Green Day. I also like listening to www.kexp.org which is college rock and a mix of other out of Seattle.
I like alot of the new music coming out of england like, Block Party, Franz Ferdinand,Clap your hands and say yeah, Artic Monkey. I also like Gorillaz, Nada Surf, Radiohead, Jack Johnson and Eminem just to name a few

I read anything that has some information between the pages. I read alot about sailing, herbs for health, and womens health.

Sailing, bike riding, canoeing, camping, hiking, snorkeling, fishing, birdwatching, working on my boat.

I live on a 26' Seafarer sailboat in the Florida Keys. I’ve been on my boat for a year now and have been learning to sail her. In the mean time I have been on sailing trips from the Florida Keys to the Bahamas and Cat Island and down to Key West and all around the upper keys with friends. Once I can sail myself around the keys with ease I will take some time off and venture out to other parts of the US and take myself over to the Bahamas and beyond. I’m a very laid back and easygoing person who enjoys the spontaneity of life. I’m always ready to go on a moments notice. I'm into green living, healthy foods and herbal remedies for health. I lift weights, inline skate and ride my bike to keep my body strong and healthy. Love nature and science. I’m more into 3rd world country adventures rather than franchised entertainment. I enjoy cooking because I love good healthy food. I'm very handy around the house...now a boat, and know my way around a car and a workbench.
My motto is: N.O.W ...No Opportunity Wasted.

Eating...I love good healthy food
A good bottle of Redwine
Music of all kinds
Sitting in the cockpit of my sailboat that I live on cooking a steak on the grill watching the sun go down while sipping on that good bottle of wine.

People who dont take care of themselves and are too lazy to exercise, controlling people, back stabbers, selfish people, drunks, bullies, egotistical, and people with poor hygiene :(

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