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Honest heart seeking everlasting companionship of love

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42 years old
Dallas, Texas
United States
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Tell you later

I'm very personable & easy to talk to, a good listener, ambitious. Very honest, open; probably the most caring person you'll ever know, and love children. I'm very
romantic and like to cuddle. Can be trustworthy, faithful, outgoing, a great listener and very understanding. I'd describe myself as intelligent, well educated, attractive,
sociable, and caring. Honest,truthful, confidant, affectionate, sincere, loving, passionate, spontaneous, with a great sense of humor, energetic, open-minded; responsible and serious when I have to be. I respect everyone for who they are and would like to be treated in a similar way myself. I love to find new experience and to share them with someone close, but I have no special person in my life to share my dreams and excitements with. My ideal partner would be someone who knows how to listen with his heart but can answer with his mind, confident and mature clever, and well educated; I want to find someone to treat me as good as I treat them. Someone who can finish my sentences, and know when there's something wrong and support me when I need it the most.

Tell you later

Tell you later

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04/09/2020 21:20:27

Here in this moment
You leave footprints in the sand
You're carrying me again
And I'm holding on so tight
Here in this moment..Love & Hugs~Richard





04/04/2020 09:54:51

Beginnings, so scary,
Yet time, so healing.
Endings, so sad,
Yet memories, so irreplaceable.
Love, so strange,
Yet kisses, so sweet.
Lost, so frustrating,
Yet found, so joyful.
Solitude, so lonely,
Yet together, so strong.

These times, so dark,
Yet tomorrow, so bright..Love & Hugs~Richard





04/02/2020 11:35:51

Mystic emotions
my true inner self
sitting all alone
like dust upon a shelf
all my life there was no one
to share my love or dreams
so I'll take my emotions to the grave
from my deepest joys to painful screams..Love & Hugs~Richard





03/26/2020 12:12:48

A dream that I can not catch
A love lost from sight
A dream so far from the touch
Entwined with reality
For is the dream truely real?
Or is my reality lost in dreams?..Love & Hugs~Richard





03/24/2020 11:29:37
Some will have you believe
   that hope
is a dangerous kind of currency,
But I disagree, to me hope is
   a beacon of light
that helps us sail the waves
      of life..Love & Hugs~Richard


03/19/2020 16:47:28

Sometimes I have memories
Of things I haven't seen
A whispered song, an unknown word
And yet not like a dream

The roaring clash of battle
A nighttime lover's kiss
All these things I've never known
And yet, I do know this

A song set my heart pounding
I'd never heard before
Each word was like returning home
An open, shining door..Love & Hugs~Richard





03/18/2020 22:56:22

Make strong your life with your soul
Make strong your respect with your words
Make strong your friendships as great friends
Use all else to strengthen all things that are fragile..Love & Hugs~Richard





03/17/2020 15:16:46

Cheerful days of extravagant colours
a pleasing visual array spread intricately before me
wide awake eyes glistening
in all the days indulgences

The carnival of life
bubbling through it's connoisseurs
savoring each gratifying moment
to reminisce on gloomier days

Celebrations burst forth
in a multitude of radiant beams
the beginning of a season
and a new reason to live..Love & Hugs~Richard





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