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Honest heart seeking everlasting companionship of love

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41 years old
Dallas, Texas
United States
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Adventure.Novel,story books


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I'm very personable & easy to talk to, a good listener, ambitious. Very honest, open; probably the most caring person you'll ever know, and love children. I'm very
romantic and like to cuddle. Can be trustworthy, faithful, outgoing, a great listener and very understanding. I'd describe myself as intelligent, well educated, attractive,
sociable, and caring. Honest,truthful, confidant, affectionate, sincere, loving, passionate, spontaneous, with a great sense of humor, energetic, open-minded; responsible and serious when I have to be. I respect everyone for who they are and would like to be treated in a similar way myself. I love to find new experience and to share them with someone close, but I have no special person in my life to share my dreams and excitements with. My ideal partner would be someone who knows how to listen with his heart but can answer with his mind, confident and mature clever, and well educated; I want to find someone to treat me as good as I treat them. Someone who can finish my sentences, and know when there's something wrong and support me when I need it the most.

Tell you later

Tell you later

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07/16/2019 11:25:33





07/16/2019 10:07:12

And the Moon
The bright Moon
Is the bride
Of the Night
The night queen 
Is serene
And with love
From above
Look at us..Love & Hugs~Richard





07/14/2019 20:46:06

Two souls, so different, so opposite in nature
United at this moment of passion and wonder. 
Fire and ice intertwined into one,
Beautiful and intriguing like rainbows after thunder. .Love & Hugs~Richard





07/14/2019 14:55:46

On a lonely cliff she sits,

Gazing into the abyss.

Nothing except darkness

To surround her now.

Is this the true face,

Of the lives we lead?

A girl damned to a Cliffside,

Consumed by the demons no one sees.

Is this the truth of humanity?

A guide she perceives,

Closer it leads,

Like hope for a single moment supreme.

But like all things,

It fades away.

Like a butterfly withers with age.

Still she sits,

On the cliff’s edge.

No longer cloaked in darkness,

For the light of hope still remains.

Just for a moment,

The voices are silent.

Just for a second,

Blissful peace is all she feels.

And then,

Like an angel,

She leaps..Love & Hugs~Richard





07/12/2019 17:12:42

.Take my hand, we'll fly across this land, leave it all below.
Soar above lights below. 
Take my hand we'll leave this dying place where all the rivers run red. 
Suddenly we escape. 
We'll rise above the clouds. 
We're never coming down. 
We'll soar above these lights below. 
We'll rise into the sky; no matter what they try we'll soar above their fires below. 
Take my hand we'll rise & leave this place. 
Through the night we'll go. 
Soar above lights below. 
Feel your blood slowly mix into mine, daylight turns into red.Love & Hugs~Richard





07/11/2019 10:52:17

Unsolved mysteries sail in the universe 
In thousands pathways, are traveling through time 

Unresolved puzzles are asking ways 
in the cosmic rivers that flow in the universe 

Questions burn deep into the minds 
And in the depths of soul are seeking answers 

In deep oceans and vast deserts 
The stars are falling, abandoning the skies

And all the meanings from every journey, disclosed
Revealing the world's greatest miracles..Love & Hugs~Richard





07/10/2019 14:19:16

No more reading signs that say "This way" or "Yonder"
Now you don't have to sit down and try to ponder
Which way should you go, you ask?
I seem to find that a fairly simple task

Just follow my grin, for you will know soon
How much it looks like a glowing crescent moon
Don't be afraid, please follow my advice
Surely you don't even need to think twice...Love & Hugs~Richard





07/07/2019 19:27:31

The answer is right in front of me,
But I will always be blind.
It's been a while since I've rejoiced,
It's been a while since life was clear.
It's been a while since I've known what's right.
It's too hard to leave my imaginary world..Love & Hugs~Richard





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