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Hi Everyone!

mem_normal2 OFFLINE
70 years old
Washington, Missouri
United States
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I like all suspense and mysteries, drama, action, comedies and of course chick flicks. Especially if I'm cuddled up with a special man. There are too many to name them all.

Soft rock, classic rock, oldies, country.

Any mystery and suspense.

Reading, playing cards for fun, making fashion jewelry, swimming, dancing, going to movies, bar-be-quing, hanging out with friends or relatives.

Hi, I'm honest, trustworthy, respectful and like to have fun. I laugh a lot and enjoy it. I don't have any excess baggage and for that I am grateful. That isn't to say I don't like children, I do. Money isn't that important as long as I have enough to live without worry, I guess that makes it as important to me as it is to everyone else. I can't say I'm financially secure until my house is paid for but I'm okay. I've lived without the support of a man for about 18 years but I don't want to any more. I'm lonely and looking for someone to spend serious time with, not just chat online, though I do enjoy that too. I would rather speak on the phone and if that works out then meet in person. I'm currently only working part-time from home so I'm available to travel for long weekends, during the week too if necessary.
I enjoy staying home watching movies and cuddling or going out for a night on the town. I like kisses and hugs, just for no reason and for every reason, I'm an affectionate person and want the same in a companion. If you don't like it, then stay away because I have trouble keeping my hands to myself if I'm with someone I care for.
I'm looking for someone with some of the same qualities I have. Honest, trustworthy, easy-going. I would like to meet someone that is a good communicator too. He must be financially secure and without serious addictions. I like men that are romantic, affectionate, gentlemen that will treat me as nicely as I treat them. I do treat others nicely. Someone that is kind and respectful to others. I don't like arguing or loud disagreements. I believe in "agree to disagree" on some things. Discussions are good and insightful though. I don't think there are any two people that agree on everything, if they did they wouldn't be unique and how boring is that? I don't expect anyone to be exactly what I'm looking for, I'm not delusional enough to believe that there is someone with all these qualities, only someone compatible. So if any of this could be you, please, let me hear from you.

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