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Cheryl Ann, Friend, Mother, Grandmother, Need Soulmate

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I love ACTION movies, All the Terminator movies are my favorites, my kids tease me about how often I watch them. I also totally enjoy a stupid comedy, not weird ones, the stupid ones that just make you laugh when you just think about them. My favorite comedy is Young Frankenstein, I guess that gives you a good idea of what I think is funny, Ha Ha.

I love all kinds of music except for Rap I don't think that is music. I sing and feel such a great joy in my heart when I am able to sing, so I do so at every opportunity. I really love the old love song ballads, but my favorite song is Wild Horses, I think I have it recorded by every artist that has ever sung it.Next to that the song that most tugs my heart is "My Heart Will Go On". I guess because I believe we do go on even when we are gone from this earth our heart is still here in the hearts of the people we have temporarily left behind.

My favorite book is Watchers!!!! see the reason why in another area, I really like books that deal with quantum physics (hope I spelled that right) I totally get the concept and spend a lot of time thinking about it. Any book is a good book, I have read some I didn't like as much as others but all words are worth reading.

I sew, paint, draw, TALK A LOT, I read a lot and I SING at every opportunity. Just hand me a microphone and I'll pour out my soul to you.

I am a 49 year old soon to be the big 50, Mother of 3, I have 2 grandchildren and hope to have more, I am a single woman still looking for my soul mate and I am patient in my search. I have met a few that I thought were for me but it just hasn't happened yet. I am absolutely in love with my Children and Grandchildren and my little dog Kokomo, you will see me speak of him often, as well as his little friend Sassy, they are in love ha ha. I am sure that there are many roads I have not traveled yet and some may be bumpy and painful just as they have been in the past but I know that life is worth it and I know in my heart that each day is a gift that should be cherished because we don't know how many more moments we have to touch those we love, and care for. I would most like to meet my future grandchildren. I currently have 2 wonderful grandchildren, Brittany and Michael, they are my Son's children and I love them dearly but, my dream is to meet the daughter of my eldest daughter, no she is not yet pregnant but I know when she does get pregnant it will be a beautiful little girl. This child will be special because she will be he heart child of my heart child. My daughter Jamie and I share a special bond that will never be broken, we are tethered by a love that reaches from my heart to hers and someday it will also be tethered to her daughter. What a amazing gift that will be. My daughter my best friend my confidant and my greatest supporter, who could ask for more??? ME I want this line to continue on to her child. I would also like to meet my Yougest daughters future children, whether boy or girl they will have her compassion, loyalty, laughter and most of all faith that all things are possible and prayers are answered every day. Most of all I enjoy being alive and I treasure each and every day I have here on Earth.

I really don't know what to say here, I like nice people, I surround myself with positive optimists and I like nothing more than a person that is kind and considerate of others. I like people that care for animals and that love their children enough to let them be grown ups. I guess I just like Nice people that live in clean homes and have clean bodies ha ha. A good sense of humor is a must if you want to know me. A big dose of compassion and empathy go a long way.

Pessimistic attitudes, Heavy drinking and swearing, I know sometimes we all swear I do at bad drivers but in everyday talk it is not necessary. I don't like control freaks that have to have all their ducks in a row so to speak. We are all people and we can never meet another persons expectations so if thats the kind of person you are then I guess you wouldn't like me.

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