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Welcome to my world...it's not always pretty, ya know?

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65 years old
North Kingstown, Rhode Island
United States
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I love OLD movies - Singing In The Rain, Going My Way, An Affair to Remember, The King and I. Hmmm...so many I can't list them all, and usually musical. I like laughter and happy over sad. I'm also HUGELY into Japanese Anime (Japanese cartoons with interesting stories lol For the unknowledgeable)

I love music! I've always had a tendency to memorize the words to my favorite songs...that list is quite long too lol Most favorite is old rock and roll, 50-70s I guess. I grew up with Frankie Valley and the Four Seasons lol One summer, I must have seen them about 5 times at what used to be the "Warwick Tent" but is no longer. One of my favorite summer memories...sigh

I like them! lmao Well...hmmm Romances, Mysteries, some bios if they catch my eye and I like the person written about enough to bother reading it lol Used to read Louis L'Amour Westerns when I was younger lol I'm very big into Japanese Manga ....do I hear exclamations of WTF? lol Manga being similar to U.S. Comics...only read from back to front lol I have so many of those books I don't have anywhere to put them anymore. Luckily, I don't have any money to buy them either roflmao So I read them online instead? (grin)

READING..heheh Let's see....drawing/painting, crocheting, Fill-it-in Puzzles, gardening (when I'm feeling extra energetic *snicker*) I'm not much of an outdoor person anymore lol Just about anything Artsy Crafty lol

My current favorite is "Sherlock Holmes" with Robert Downey,Jr. in it. I absolutely adore that man! He takes characters in unexpected directions. I also love watching movies with Tom Hanks in them...his face is so expressive. Of course...anime lol Currently my son and I are watching one about a group of high school students in a mahjong club. I never could quite figure out that game. It's very intense to watch them play lol One of my most favorite animes is Hikaru No Go. That's also about a board game called "Go" that was created in China.

Currently unemployed, like a good portion of this country (it truly sucks!)Finding someone to give me a job at my age has become progressively harder and harder. Totally irritating! I have a 20 yr old son, also unemployed who's never had a job. Well...that's enough about me. I'm depressing myself, heheh.

I gave that up for lent.

I'll let you know when and if I remember what they were? rofl

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