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Never take seriously whats poked at you in fun..(I got pregnant that way)

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I just love musicals..And Avant-garde X-Rated porn video's.....

And sappy romance crap

- - .

Sex..Sweating to the oldies with Richard Simmons..Cooking..(I am a mistress of the microwave)..
(T.V. Dinners)

11/14/10 My Man is like my cat because

I'm just a happy home-maker..(Make that Domestic Diva) farting off on the computer... while my dishes pile up..Ignoring my wash so long now that I turned my bloomers inside out to get a few more days out of them..Playing on the computer plays hell with my housework...And I won't even mention what it's done to my sex life..Suffice it to say I'm growing cobwebs in my nether regions...
(Hint hint Mortimer)

DISCLAIMER: This is the internet..remember that..Nothing is as it seems..Believe half of what you hear..half of what you read..half of what you see..This vaporous ether-world is a conglomeration of personas and characters founded in boredom and dedicated to the enjoyment of passing the idle hours in a lighthearted humorous endeavor.The sexpot you become smitten with could be a fat balding old lecher who works at the town dump...The intellectual philosopher with a vast supply of pearls of wisdom could be the village idiot who has mastered both googling and the art of cut and paste..The profound poet could be a plagiarist who writes menus for the town printing press..Etc.

- - .

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Rubber underwear
Bubble baths with:
Hairy old men
sweaty old men
Orally fixated young men

And Foamy always makes my clitter clatter!

click here and go nuts

Religious men who bring the bible to bed with them..

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