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80 years old
United States
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I love old classic movies "Backstreet", "Somewhere in Time", "You've Got Mail", "Titanic" just a real pushover for love stories and tear jerkers!

I love all kinds of music, don't totally understand classical music though I love chamber music, not at all into Hard Rock or Heavy Metal music, but all others are fine with me. My favorite would be easy listening and oldies from the 60's and 70"s

I love all Danielle Steele fictional novels.Belva Plain novels are my kind of easy reading as well. I love to read and disolve into the story. I do not find complicated reading very relaxing so I like to forget life and just read away my troubles and cares!

I love golf,but a shoulder injury will probably keep me from golf this year, crochetting, reading, being on or near the water

I am a nurse and nursing home administrator. I have two really great kids. Son is 28 and will receive his second graduate degree this May and has a job lined up if all goes well. Daughter is 26 and is in law school and will graduate May '07. They are the greatest friends I have, but also know I am mom and they respect me as their mom. I have a dog, a Jack Russell Terrier,long haired, and a very gentle little guy,he often goes to work with me. I have a new kitten, a Siamese just adoreable. My parents are alive and well at age 88 and 85. I have a great man in my life and am not seeking any romantic connections, but would love to make some new friends and learn more about other parts of the country and how others are coping with this marvelous life experience of the over fifty set!

Holding hands, hugging, a fireplace, candle light, my family, a smile from that special man in my life, cozy dinners at home, the smell, feel and view of the ocean, sunshine, the color yellow, Put In Bay

possessive men, arrogance, dishonesty, bigotry, negativity, materalistic people,

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