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*GLoLady* ...a woman who radiates light

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What the Bleep do we know...yeah.... now you are starting to understand my way of thinking...
Public television, History, Discovery, A&E....feed the head stuff.... National news media that is censored.... Controlled.....biased....deceitful.... I will not buy into their Fear and Violence way of living. It's all about the money...what are ya filling your head up with?

Dancing to the Blues is my favorite.. OK ..2nd favorite means of exercise.
Classical, Instrumental, Accoustic, the beat of a savage drum....all in good place and time.... and rap when it's on.....

Ancient Spiritual text, self help, astrology, not that I have any time to sit and read...other than research or higher learning.... audio books are the best choice as I travel a lot.

Live, Love, Laugh, Leave a legacy..

Serving for the Betterment of Humanity.

Saving Lives Inside Out.

Lead, Follow, don't stand in my way....Beside me is the desire.

Check out my photo's... my ecommerce mystickalmagickal.com ...that will have my Paranormal photo's among other items.

In my Journals I hope that I will touch a piece of your heart, spark a light of love that you will spread to everyone that you meet today...if nothing more than a smile. They are contageous, pass them on! ; ))

Using the Spiritual tools that we were given, Understanding the Ancient Spiritual Texts and the premonitions from. We have a chance to change our future. Knowing if nothing changes, then nothing changes. Our past becomes our future.

Holistic health balanced with Herbal teas, Aromatherapy, Essential oils, Candles, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

Walking my talk, practicing what I preach, harm none and do as I will. Believing we get back what we give. 3 Fold Law... Choosing to live Happy, Joyous, and Free. I am responsible for me...

and a great cook too!...... LOL

Wild Women don't get the Blues... Strong willed, independent, compassionate, and caring. I stand up for those who have no voice. Artist, inventor, designer, producer, I love to do, not just talk about doing something with my life. One man woman taking my time, waiting for that Stallion to ride into the sunset. Only my Divine Creator has full reigns over my life and it is never dull and boring. Looking for someone who has the stamina to keep good pace and likes to dance in the moonlight. I honor my Mother Earth as well as my Heavenly Father. I am honest, intelligent, passionate and goal oriented to name a few. I Love Intellectual foreplay and constant stimulation of such. Intelligent conversation not bull crap should be spoken.

Pisces Sun numerology #11 and live it. If you understand these words you are in the forefront. At least have an open mind to learn and the capacity to teach me new things.

Athletic all my life and still enjoy activity of any kind.... almost.
Not for the faint at heart, liers, drunks or thieves.

Spiritual, Open minded, Intelligent, Independant, Free Spirited, Traveler, Loving, Honest, Compassionate, Humerous, Positive, all outdoor activities, Sports, Animal Lover....

Dis-Honesty A#1.... if you can't tell me the truth then tell me nothing at all... alcohol

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