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65 years old
Bremerton, Washington
United States
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I haven't watched that many movies since having kids except movies kids like to watch and then the computer keeps me sedentary enough. But I'll list some I can think of I like. I like comedies and love stories. Swept Away, a love story on a deserted island, the original Italian version, not the one with Madonna, she's a better musician than actress. Harold and Maude is a love story that has nothing to do with sex. Kama Sutra, a beautiful love story that is not about sex as much as you'd think with that title. The Passion of Christ, the greatest love story ever. American Beauty, a tragic love story. James Dean's three movies, all of Gary Cooper movies, I loved Gary Cooper. All of the Raiders of the Lost Arks, all of Back to the Futures, all of the Ghostbusters, I know the first one by heart.I took my daughter to all of the Lord if the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia most recently. Took my son to all of M. Night Shyamalan movies, Signs being my favorite. Just recently watched Pulp Fiction again and forgot how good it was, Bruce Willis is good, so is Samuel L. Jackson. Oh and Samuel is good in The Long Kiss Goodnight with Geena Davis. Matt Damon is a good actor, esp in The Rainmaker and Goodwill Hunting. Johnny Depp is good in Don Juan De Marco with Marlon Brando, and of course in Pirates of the Caribbean, I just saw the second one last week. I'm a sucker for animal movies also. March of the Penguins and Eight Below are good. And I even like animated ones, Finding Nemo being my favorite.

I have so much music I like, it took me seven months to recall and type so I now refer you to my MySpace, www.myspace/inspireann if you want to see my music tastes.

I love to read but lately I've been reading just the Bible. Last night I reread Ester for the first time in a long time. The last book I read was, Ruth the Romance of Redemption~A Love Story by Diana Hagee, author of The King's Daughter. Daily I also read Godcalling a daily entry book written by two German ladies inspired by the Holy Spirit. I just started a book by Chuck Colson called The Good Life, so far so good, I read his first one years ago, called Born Again.

Working out at the gym and pool at our neighborhood YMCA. Reading, writing, computers, art. Going to the big city of Seattle on the ferry. Going to the beach or woods. Bike riding, dancing. Used to be gardening, but now I just have houseplants in an apartment.

My life is under construction now after being damaged by drugs, divorce and death. After being sidetracked by the world that is under the control of Satan, I am now finally really learning about God and His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and His purpose for me.
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

God, people who love God and His Word, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, people who love people, people who love music, people who love to share about themselves, that are interesting and interested. People who love to learn. Wise people. Brains are the hottest thing ever...I like a man smarter than me, because rather than teach, I like to learn. People who love to exercise, laugh,(exercise for the inside,) and get out into nature, the best medicine in the world. A good dancer, I'd love! A good massuer is a treasure!

People who smoke, drink or do drugs habitually to relax, be healthy or to be happy, when God is sufficient and there are so many other things in life that can really help you to relax, and to be healthy and happy. People who's life revolves around just work, sex, or sports. I like these things, just not exclusively knowing there is more to life, even more than this dang computer, & MySpace and now Myboomerplace!!! This is the second time I typed this out cuz I timed out so if you take as long as I do, make sure u copy it before you lose it like i just did!

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