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Insights are the gems found when mining the mind! -Karen Connolly

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United States
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Eclectic - I like almost anything but blues - who needs an entire genre of pity party music? Some fine examples of what I like can be found in my playlist ~

Currently Reading: Nothing... can't seem to get into anything else since I finished the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyers. ~sigh ~ Loved the movie Twilight! Loved the entire book series more!

Among my favorite authors are... Nora Roberts Key Series - Nora Roberts Witches Series - Nearly anything by Dean R. Koontz - quite a few by Stephen King; I finished all 7 of the Stephen King Dark Tower Series. Pretty good stuff. Classics if they aren't written by Irish authors(too depressing) - Madelaine L'Engle Series - The Chronicles of Narnia - Harry Potter - E.B. White Stories - love fantasy and romance that isn't of the "heaving bosom/turgid member" ilk. Non-fiction book: The Saucy Sisters Guide to Wine - and ohmigosh I nearly forgot about the Sweet Potato Queens' Books.

Reading, Writing, Learning, Studying my interests like languages and wines of the world (especially those in my own backyard), Amatuer Photography, Crochet (all needle arts really, but they hurt my hands more as I get older), Touring vineyards and wineries, Tasting new wines, Meeting other wine lovers, Collecting all manner of elephants, wine stoppers and shot glasses.

I REALLY need to laugh so I went to the one guy who will always make me laugh out loud - JOHN PINETTE!

Yeah, I know, TWO OF EM??? I have a HUGE crush on this guy. Can't help myself... I LOVE a guy who makes me laugh until it hurts ~


YES! I REALLY do have 8 sons. I gave birth to every one of them and my husband of 28 years, Jerry, sired them all. At this point, four of them are grown and on their own. Oldest son is 26, lives 15 miles away and works in town. Second son is 24, married 4 years to his high school sweetheart and currently serving in the USAF.


Third son is 23 and serving in the US Navy.


Visit Navy For Moms

Fourth son is 21 and being discharged from the US Navy after 3 years of trying to adapt and stay out of trouble (unsuccessfully). I do not know what to make of it so I'm winging it and flying by the seat of my pants like the witch that he claims I am!


So I'm gradually adapting to a half empty nest. Or maybe it's half full? My interests are vast so I guess that makes me just plain curious. I love to learn new things, meet new people, see new places and taste new wines. I'm a full time Mom and homemaker but being Mom always comes FIRST! There will always be tasks that await me but children grow up when you're not looking so I keep my focus there! I am a christian but my beliefs are my own and I prefer not to discuss or debate them with people who feel an obligation to save my soul! Sell formal religion somewhere else ~ Church is for folks that are not secure enough in their beliefs to stand alone and need validation from a group of likeminded people. I love music and play two instruments fairly well (guitar and piano - in that order)and a few that are not that serious, like a mouth harp and a kazoo and a tin whistle. I LOVE to read and prefer fiction of a sci-fi fantasy nature. I like themes of time travel and things that would never actually happen. I also love a book that is tongue in cheek with LOTS of humor and satire - Piers Anthony and Terry Pratchett are among my favorite authors. Anything else will have to wait until it occurs to me to write it ~

This is to honor my Mom, who passed away March 12, 2009. Mom is on the left, next to my sister, Mary, who is next to me, and I'm between her and my sister, Viv on the right.
Rest in Peace, Mom
imikimi - Customize Your World!

These were my Mom's favorite flowers ~


Rainbows, Northern Lights, Waterfalls, Babbling Brooks, A soft caress from one I love best, Sunsets, Stargazing, Full Moon gazing, Holding Hands, Shared Laughter, A bottle of wine between friends, Beer & Pizza w/ a DVD for a bed picnic... I'm sure I'll think of more as time passes ~

Barrack Hussein Obama - MAJOR TURN OFF!!! SOCIALISM! Apathy, Pretension, Efete Snobbery, Immoral Wealth, Snap Judgements, Reality TV, Invasion of Privacy, Ãœber-Liberal Media, Calling ABORTION a "choice" and sanctioning it as such... I could go on all day but I won't ~

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