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74 years old
Kailua, Hawaii
United States
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Old BW's, The Sting, On the Waterfront, The Longest Yard, Up in Smoke, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Great Santini, The Godfather (part I) The Professionals, The Wild Bunch, Sabrina (Audrey Hepburn&Bogie), Spartacus, The Searcher's, Star Wars, Alien, and many more.

Oldies but goodies, country western, Hawaiian, reggae, rock & roll, Beatles, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Shakira, Cristina Aquillera, ZZ-Top, Norah Jones, Stylistics, Four Seasons, Temptations, Elton John, Faith Hill.

Fantasy-Fiction, History of American Indians, History of Pacific Islanders, History of Japan-Feudalistic & post WWII

Reading, cooking, fishing, spoiling my nephews and nieces.

Currently I am in transistion. Yes, at this point in my life I expected to be enjoying and spending, however that isn't to be. I am currently attempting to get back into school and finish up my degree in Substance Abuse Counseling. Wish me luck. Sometimes, school at this juncture can be intimidating, but I will get her done. Lord knows we are needed out there.

Up to this point of my life I had been a care-giver for my sister's children. I spent 15yres taking care of 3 great kids. However due to health concerns back at my parent's home (my father is in poor heatlh & diabetic) I have returned home to help my mom cope and get things back on even keel. It is a trying circumstance and can be very stressful, if you let it. Thanks to my classes on aging & health, at University of Hawaii (Maui) I have some insight to the problem and for that I am very grateful. Anyway that is about how things are at the present time.

Women with attitudes, Women athletes, colorful people, Raw Fish, Opihi, Raw Squid, Italian Food, Mexican Food, Hot sauces, Korean Food.

Fantasy-fiction paperbacks & hardbacks, Comics, Three Stooges, Old BW movies, Music of all kinds.

People who love themselves a tad too much. Kiss Asses, lousy movies, over cooked vegetables, over-paid athletes,

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