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MsKat_e AKA Murph_e

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71 years old
Eastern Shore Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
United States
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Don Juan de Marco, Fried Green Tomatoes, Bubble Boy, Boys on the Side.

the Mars and Venus series, anything by John Grisham, I don't get much of a chance to actually read, but I listen to books on tape all of the time. I enjoy the classics and a good mystery. I recently listened to a recording of Orson Wells War of the Worlds, if you haven't heard it, give it a try. No wonder people were scared, phew!

renovating 100+ year old house, quilting, anything i can make with my own hands really.

Single mom with 3 great kids, my boys are 19 and 22 and my daughter is 20. The nest is gettin empty now, at least until they start coming back. As someone on this site keeps reminding me, my empty nest is quite possibly just a fantasy. My oldest son moved to London in July and is working as a chef in a fancy hotel. It seems I've kept him in a small town for too long, because his biggest surprise is that London is so cosmopolitan and worldly. Who would have guessed London might be cosmopolitan and worldly? My daughter is moved to Philly for school in August and that leaves me and my lil buttercup, my youngest son.

We have a male cat named Cheese who allows us to live with him as long as we feed him on demand and worship him often. We also have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever (or as they are more commonly known, a Cheaspeake Bay Shoe Eater), named Buddy who thinks that I am the alpha male in the house and he is my second in command. This tends to be an issue with my sons who are both under the misconception that they are the alpha males in the house. Life is so much more pleasant when they all remember that I am in fact the alpha male and will remain that until one of them take over the mortgage payments. At that time, I will be the princess. I'm not polishing off my tiara just yet.

My daugther is, well she's 20, enough said! Seriously though, they really are great, sweet, loving kids most of the time and I wouldn't want them to be any different than they are.

If I get the youngest out of the nest, I plan to shoot the dog, drown the cat, flush the fish and call it a job well done.

Not sure if I'd call it a hobby, but I am in the process of renovating a 100+ year old house. I recently tore out a bathroom and rebuilt it. I learned a very important life lesson when I tore down those walls. They put coverings over walls for a reason, you do not want to know what's under there. My new motto in life is "leave the wall where you found it".

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